Leading by Example

Another day, another preview. Lets have a look at the latest spoilers from the upcoming Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire – Leaders expansion and see if there’s anything new to get excited about ahead of the release on Saturday.

Commanding Presence and Trusted Second

Neither of these are bad, per se, but they’re not great either. Getting 2 fighters worth of support from a single fighter can be a big deal, but for a lot of the more aggressive warbands you tend to have smaller engagements with 1 fighter vs 1-2 on the other side. I’d take Awakened Weapon and Helpful Whispers over these as accuracy boosts almost all of the time, or Light Armour in a more aggressive deck.


One glory is so not what I’m looking for from a turn 3 objective. This is pretty bad as an endgame option – why couldn’t it be any end phase instead?


Look Out!

This can save your leader, but it gives your opponent a free Twist the Knife to do so. On Your Feet is generally going to be a better option if the attack would kill you – it’s still a 50/50 chance but it works on any fighter – and Last Chance is significantly better for dodge warbands. The only upside here is that you can avoid both fighters being pushed back which will occasionally matter.


If you only have your leader left, 1 glory isn’t really going to help you recover most of the time. I’m not entirely against this, but I think the majority of decks will have at least 12 better objectives to chose from. Even in GW’s suicide Khorne example the extra 1 glory on top of the 8 from Khorne’s Chosen feels kinda pointless.



This will probably be pretty decent in aggro Skaven or other mobile aggro lists. Being able to potentially score a second Victorious Duel when you Hidden Paths or Spectral Wings in to take out the enemy leader is pretty great, although after game 1 they should learn their lesson and not expose their leader in the first turn. I can see this making some lists, although personally I’m not a fan of objectives that can only be scored in a particular turn (other than turn 3).

Krrk Now Leads

Another aggro Skaven card, although this one is less impressive. This is at least an easy 1 glory to score if things go wrong with your plan A, and you’re generally in a better position after losing Skritch than you would be if you’re trying to score Sufficient (see above), but you’re likely to be better off with higher scoring back-up objectives like Supremacy or Alone in the Darkness that can at least be scored while Skritch is still alive.

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