Steel City Spoiled Cards Review: Mollog’s Mob and Godsworn Hunt

New Cards Galore

More Spoilers!!! Read on for a review of the latest cards revealed as part of the Mollogs Mob and Godsworn Hunt expansions. Special thanks to Jonathan Davies for taking these screen caps and allowing us to use them in this article, what a legend!


Tome of Vitality: Great Fortitude has always been a staple of underworlds, and here we have a second universal version. The added bonus is this counts towards Acolyte of the Katophranes. Eyes of the Nine decks focused around kitting out the Blue Horror will be very happy to see this card!

Blooming Spores:  A Mollog specific Great Strength. Its barely worth putting the restriction on at this point as the lumbering behemoth is almost always going to be the target of these upgrades, especially given some of Mollog’s Mob’s revealed objectives.

Brutal SavageryWith the restriction of accuracy upgrades ploys which help guarantee your colossal club connects with the enemy are always welcome. Whilst this might not make every deck, it’s worth considering for those favouring early aggression, who don’t want to pay the price of cards like Haymaker.


Demolished:  If you inspire Mollog you’re one upgrade/gambit away from this tasty score immediately. This one will be difficult to put away turn one, but becomes rapidly more achievable as the game progresses.

Earn Your Keep: This card seems much more situational, as none of Mollog’s mobile compatriots are particularly accurate. Scoring this reliably would involve investing upgrades in your sidepieces, which may turn out to be a viable strategy. However given the low damage and accuracy of the supporting cast of this warband, I’d need good reason to include this in a deck.

Flit: As the Bat Squig cannot hold objectives, this would only be useful for removing the Squig from danger, or using him to support an incoming attack. You could also line the airborne jawbones up for an attack action, but unless your bat has been boosted up a bit, he’ll probably end up whiffing it.


Horrific Stench This card will help massively to both protect Mollog from being swarmed, and allow him to wade through hordes of rats, gitz, ghosts or whatever else comes at him. I think this is a very solid upgrade against most warbands, with reduced utility the smaller the opponents warband becomes.

Inescapable Jaws: A nice boost to the Bat Squig’s accuracy. With a few cards dotted in your deck to buff your flying contingent, the Squigeon may turn out to be a legitimate number 2 for your warband. Every upgrade you pack onto the squig is one you don’t put on Mollog however. Depending on your playstyle, you’ll have to choose whether to consolidate or diversify your threats. It will be interesting to see which approach proves more effective!

Massive Overkill: Superb against horde factions. It may be a little difficult for Mollog to reliably reach the 8 damage threshold for Cursebreakers however, and it’ll only get harder when they Sudden(ly) Growth. This will be a card you know whether you are going to score from setup, sometimes it’s brilliant, sometimes its a lost cause.



Protect the Lair: You can double down on Denial much like Zarbags Gitz. Denial is already a risky card when your opponent realises you’re running it and plays around it, so having two third end phase risky objectives might be a bit greedy. Unless you’re just going to kill everyone turn 1 with Mollog. Do that. Run Annihilation as well. EZ.

Sporeburst: I don’t like this one. Encroaching Shadow and Lethal Ward can ping damage onto enemies without them needing to be adjacent to one of your fighters. They also don’t need a dice roll. I can’t see this card being competitive.

Shadowed Step: This card will work well in objective decks if objectives are set up in know mans land. This card plus Hidden Paths mean you could jump onto an edge hex objective and one in no mans land in the final power step and catch your opponent off guard. This card can also line up supporting fighters for an incoming charge, or dodge a Hidden Paths that has come your way. Very versatile, whether you include this card will mostly depend on your playstyle.




There The Whole Time: A 50/50 resurrect on your own mini version of The Thing. Eh. Depending on whether you’ve built a deck based around Mollogs supporting cast this may work, but the dice roll puts me off massively. I don’t think the Stalagsquig looks worth it.

Wind Up:  With cards like Trap being restricted, any card that gives you bonus damage is worth consideration when building your deck. Especially if you are including Demolish as one of your objectives.

Foul Temper: This card lets you re-roll one dice per attack roll for your fighter. This means you can re-roll every attack made when using Whirling Club. Very strong, especially in combination with Horrific Stench.



Arcane Savant: According to the stream this card was spoiled on, you can upgrade Theddra and then inspire her, allowing her to become a level 3 wizard. Inevitably this will mean the only spell you successfully cast all game will be a miscast and kill you. In all seriousness though this means The Godsworn Hunt have access to the most powerful mage so far in the game, provided you are willing to wait for this upgrade to inspire her. This means drawing difficult to cast spells before Arcane Savant could clog your hand and waste the cards. Its a big risk but with a potentially huge payoff!

A Worthy Deed: A score immediately available in almost every game. Even Zarbag’s Gitz and other Godsworn Hunt’s will probably equip wound upgrade cards that bring them into the threshold required by this objective. A solid choice for any aggressive chaos worshippers out there.

Dark Destiny: Soultrap on a ploy, with the added bonus of not being able to be driven back. This card is essentially death or counter-attack. The gambit slots are highly competitive, and if all you’re doing is saving Grawl then this won’t be worth it. A counter-attack with Grundann however definitely would be. It also keeps you rooted on an objective if the charge was a last ditch effort to stop Oath of Supremacy. I’d consider this card, but I don’t think it reaches auto-include status.



Enchanted Collar: This is one of 3 cards released to try and make me not use Brutal Sacrifice on Marley. 3 dodge dice is nice, but opponents will just ignore your doggo if he’s tanky, he’s not quite as scary as Snirk.

Ensorcelled Javelin: 2 damage 3 range with cleave (on the charge). Excellent! Bang on Gloryseeker and you can start taking names. Jagathra is super squishy though, so be careful about painting a shiny pointy target on her back.

Enfeeble: A 2 channel spell which permenantly reduces the damage of all of an enemy fighters attack actions! Stormsire, Mollog, Magore and Gurzag are all prime targets. You can turn your opponents biggest threats into liabilities! I really like this spell.


Heel: Marley can instantly provide a (most likely) defensive support to Ollo, flying out of harms way as he does so. Supports are nice, but I’m still not sold on this man’s best friend play-style.

Warding Eye: A decent spell to protect a fighter who’s gone in deep. Shond can jump up to 2 shields with this spell. Most of your faction will just get a little bit more dodgy however, so this one probably wont make it into many decks.

Nullstone Spear: I love Shadeglass Spear, so I like this one! 2 range on attack actions can catch opponents off guard, and the attack itself is reasonably accurate. Enough factions are performing well in the meta without wizards that I would still take Shadeglass Spear over Nullstone Spear, but a re-roll is nothing to sneer at if you come up against some filthy magic users.


Oath of Supremacy: As several people have pointed out, even if your don’t take advantage of the oath portion of this card, a second supremacy is more than welcome in an objective deck. We’ll have to wait and see how well these guys do at objective play. They have speed and numbers, but lack action economy and they are very squishy. Its a playstyle worth keeping an eye on though.

Path to Glory: We are now sure that this card is +1 wounds. Take it, its brilliant. You get tankier and more accurate. Grundann will crush skulls.

Trained Killer: Potentially the most useful of the three Grawl upgrades, I’d still rather just put Light armour on Ollo. I don’t care about his life that much. In fact spending glory buffing Grawl to buff Ollo, when your three of your four remaining fighters are your hard hitters just seems counter-intuitive. I’m more than happy to be proved wrong though.



Tome of Offerings: I kinda liked that this mechanic was unique to the Khornate warbands, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that this is a strong effect. Bang this on Gurzag along with all the extra activations and watch the glory rack up. This card is essentially a recurring score immediately objective on whoever you put it on, without the benefit of counting toward Superior Tactician. This card is even stronger on fighters with a 2 range attack, as they can potentially get more attacks off in a turn! Oh and its a book so if you like collecting books then collect this book.

Theddra’s Path: This card plus any of the other channel providing upgrades make enfeeble and other similar spells auto-cast. If you’re planning a magic themed Godsworn Hunt deck then this card is definitely on your radar. If you drew this and not Arcane Savant, it’s almost worth inspiring Theddra with this rather than delay the level 2. The game of waiting for the upgrade to get level 3 will be interesting to test and see how strong the payoff is.

Unfocussed Blast: An easy to cast spell likely to damage your intended target at least once. If your playing about with magic this is worth considering, but just remember every gambit spell you include in your deck is a useless card if Theddra gets gutted early. In a best of three your opponent will quickly learn who his priority target is.


Oath of Conquest: I actually really like this if you can get it turn three without it clogging your hand. There is very little your opponent can do to stop this being scored, and three glory for making sure your speedy warband crosses the halfway mark before the final whistle is a decent haul of glory! One of my favourite Oaths so far.

Spoilers Galore

I’m not sure how many more reveals I can take! We’ve had some excellent cards revealed, giving us our first level 3 wizard, magical javelins, and an excessively rampaging troggoth! I can’t wait to pick these warbands up!

I’ll be starting with the Godsworn Hunt, getting ready to walk…

Theddra’s Path!




5 thoughts on “Steel City Spoiled Cards Review: Mollog’s Mob and Godsworn Hunt

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  1. Shadowed Step seems like it could also make Twilight Conqueror a bit more viable.

    I’d also note that Trap can’t help with Demolished or Massive Overkill, but Twist the Knife can.


    1. Thanks for giving it a read! My main issue with twilight conqueror is that it is impossible to score on a long board setup, as there are only 2 hexes in no mans land :/ Good point about Trap etc. It means that the unrestricted +1 damage cards that aren’t reactions to successful attacks might be worth taking a chance on if you are running these objectives!


      1. No argument here. “A bit more viable” isn’t much of an improvement on where it was otherwise. Perhaps I should have phrased that as “…make Twilight Conqueror slightly less worthless” 😉


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