Grand Clash Adventures Part 2 – The Streets


Welcome back to my two(ahem three now) part article on my Grand Clash Grymwatch adventures. If you haven’t done so already then I highly recommend reading part 1 here. I had originally planned to go over both the final and semi final games in this article but it’s taken quite a long time to write this one and its gotten pretty big, so I’m going to save the final for part 3 and get this one out now. I’m going to recreate what happened in the semi final with stock images of the boards and my incredible photoshop skills but I do recommend actually subscribing to the Twitch channel and watching the vods yourself. Nick Bayton and John Rees do a great job of commentating the games and it’s really useful to hear what they have to say. Some of you might be unaware that if you have Amazon prime you get to subscribe to a Twitch channel as part of your package so it might not even cost you anything.

Just to set the scene a bit, we had all played 4 rounds on day 1 and by the semi final it was our 3rd round of day 2. We were into mental fatigue territory. So yes some mistakes were made over the games and I apologise for the ones I committed. I don’t think any of the mistakes actually affected the outcomes which is great to see but it’s still not ideal. It’s also worth mentioning that the setup used to stream the games made it a bit harder to play, the big dice tray off to the side was hard to see/use and we had a member of the events team constantly asking us to repeat what we were doing which broke our flow a bit. 

Still all those issues are a small price to pay for having the games streamed live with vods available afterwards for us all to watch. It’s pretty exciting seeing how not only the game is growing but also the coverage as well.

I’ve managed to get in contact with my semi final opponent, Bartek, using the magic of the internet and he has very kindly written out a small section with his own perspective on the games. I’m going to pop that after my analysis so you can get a view of the game from both players.

The Semi Final vs Bartek on Thundrick’s Profiteers

Link to vod here.

Pre Match Thoughts

I had just fairly handily defeated a Thundricks player in my last round so I wasn’t super scared of the matchup. I knew that the best way to defeat the flying stunties is to deny them the ability to attack, as most of their deck will be scored from cards like Warning Shot, Death from Afar and What Armour. It’s also worth prioritising Ironhail where possible as he is usually the only way for the Thundrick player to score Get Thee Hence and their most likely candidate for triggering Headshot. So going in if I rolled advantage I was going to pick boards and play fully offset and go into passive glory scoring mode while ensuring I inspire round 1. In later rounds I can make some calculated attacks but forcing the dwarves to use all their resources coming towards me is going to give me a happy time.

In that last round this strategy had worked perfectly even against a Thundricks player who was running Supremacy, giving him 3 very defensible tokens sounds like a bad plan but even at 3 glory it’s only one objective and isn’t enough to change the matchup.

Game 1

This beautiful image before you took me far too much time to assemble, seriously Freya had to help or the article was dead…

Key of fighters:

On the Thundricks side:

TD = Thunder Daddy, also known as Thundrick

BB = Balloon Boy, also known as Drakkskewer

IH = Ironhail

L = Lund

A= Alenson

And on the Grymwatch side:

D= Duke

DH = Dukes Harriers


V= Valreek

RB= Royal Butcher

H= Harold, also known as The Nights Hereld

MT= Master Talon

Phew – that was a mouthful.

Straight away you can see that we have a wide board setup, this is due to Bartek winning advantage and choosing to give me three tokens. Instantly this makes me fearful as it means he knows to prioritise stopping my inspiration condition. I managed to get a very defensive setup with my tokens which was nice but Bartek placed his lethal hex in a very dangerous spot. The only way to play around that lethal hex would be deploying Crypt Ghouls in front of it but looking at the starting hexes available to Bartek I didn’t see him going hell for leather and charging in with guns blazing round 1.

He had very few forward hexes with which to pressure me so I took the risk of placing some powerful 3 wound fighters next to that lethal hex and giving me more forward threats to fight him early. The placement of my lethal hex seems to have forced Bartek’s hand a bit, I think he would have placed Drakkskewer on the foremost hex otherwise and then another fighter next to it, but the danger of having a fighter one shot early pushed him to a more cautious deployment.

Once all fighters were down I was very happy. Barring some tricks with Seek the Skyvessal I didn’t see a way for Bartek to stop me inspiring and my bats were in perfect position to go harass him off objective tokens while I could secure my three at the back relatively easily. My Duke also had easy access to charging a bunch of high priority targets if i so wanted.

Bartek wins advantage and makes me go first, absolutely the correct call as it gives him the last activation in the turn to potentially deny me Supremacy with a simple charge. My first activation is very simple – I move Valreek onto objective 3, via a lethal hex to both secure a token and score Calculated Risk. I used Valreek for this so that I wouldn’t risk a Toxic Gases or Lethal ward killing one of my Crypt Ghouls as they are both run by some Thundrick’s players.

Bartek responds by charging Lund at the Harriers and popping them for 2 damage while scoring What Armour, glad I placed my 3 wound ignores lethal hexes fighter there or he would have also got a kill. Bartek also instantly promotes Thundrick, making the leader very hard to kill.

For my second activation I charge the very wounded Harriers forwards onto objective 4, I honestly can’t remember who my target was here as it was the move that was important, I was likely trying to put a wound on Drakkskewer to make him easier to take down later. Alas I miss, not that it really mattered as I now score Scrum and Bartek is going to have to waste a bunch of activation’s if he wants to get control of that Objective token back. I instantly play Transfixing Stare onto DrakkSkewer, the main early threat that can actually reach my objective tokens and I’ve just had a fantastic activation. I’ve nullified Bartek’s most dangerous fighter for the turn, I’ve made it cost a bunch of activations if he wants that Objective token and I’ve scored a surge objective. The only downside to the play is it does give Bartek an easy target to shoot at and potentially score glory from but I consider that trade worth it.

Bartek’s response is to gun down the Harrier’s with Thundrick, luckily for me he didn’t get a surge objective from the kill. Unfortunately for me Thundrick put Tome of Offerings on in the power phase before so he grabbed an extra glory.

It isn’t clear from the VOD but I believe I drew a power card for my 3rd activation, the board was in a good state and I probably didn’t want to expose myself to charges.

Bartek’s third is a cheecky charge from Ironhail, missing its target and putting the gun toting dwarf in a dangerous spot next to a lethal hex.

In my 4th activation I decide I want to put some pressure onto Bartek and take out a key fighter, I load up Gristelwel with Potion of Rage and Heroic vision, charging forwards and killing Lund. In the penultimate power step of the turn I use Pack,Advance to camp onto all my objective tokens and pull the Royal Butcher out of the deadly Tome of Offerings Thundricks range while Bartek pops Haymaker.

Thundrick charges onto objective 4 and hits Gristelwel for 2 while pushing him back, I react with Mirror Move and shove Thundrick off the token and further back into his territory. I could have put a damage onto Thundrick by moving him onto a lethal hex instead but this makes it harder for the best fighter in Bartek’s warband, who has Tome of Offerings on, to get any more kills in the game.

End of Round scoring: I grab Solid gains and Fired Up While Bartek scores Keep Chopping and Fired up. I hadn’t expected Bartek to be running Keep Chopping and took note that he was running it for future games. The big deal for me is that my entire Warband inspires with only the Harriers dead. In the end step I pop Impervious Delusion on the Duke making him very hard to kill. Bartek also gives the game away with his deck by playing a bunch of useless Tomes onto Thundrick. I suddenly realise that I am in a deadly glory race and need to maximise my scoring as much as possible.

On Bartek’s side Lund is dead while all the other key fighters are inspired.

Glory 5 to me and 6 to Bartek.

Round 2

I win the roll off for choice and I choose to go first. I start with a charge from Gristlewel and kill Ironhail. This was why I wanted to go first, Get Thee Hence had not been scored yet and I wanted to deny that objective from Bartek. In the power step I pop Sudden Growth onto Gristlewel and Sidestep him further back, making him hard to kill despite his earlier wounds.

Drakkskewer counter charges and brings down my upgraded right hand ghoul. The good news is that this puts Drakkskewer out of action for the rest of the round, the bad news is that my only big damage threat left is the Duke.

For my second activation I put the Duke on guard, broadcasting that I am trying to score Keep them Guessing. Bartek’s second activation is either to draw a power card or cycle an objective, can’t tell.

In my third activation I make a really big misplay. In order to score Keep them Guessing I needed a move and an attack, the other option being a suicide from a crypt ghoul and a muster which I wasn’t a fan of. So I move the Duke into attack range of Drakskewer, who has a charge token from earlier. What I should have done is move him into attack range of Drak while also threatening objective token number 1, so even if Bartek did have a way to re position the Ballon Boy with a charge token he would have to give up on scoring Path to Victory (if he had it) as well in order to deny my next attack. What’s so upsetting is that I thought about this option before making the play but decided against it just because I am such a naturally cautious player, I really need to get out of these bad habits.

Bartek’s third is fairly neutral, he moves Thundrick through a lethal hex onto objective 4 and scores Calculated Risk. In his power step he digs deep into his deck with Frenzied Search… and gets Seek the Skyvessal which lets him move Drakskewer onto objective token 1. This completely denies my whole round of setting up Keep Them Guessing.

In response I tilt, I draw a power card and then use Centre of Attention onto Alenson to get Drakskewer off his token, forgetting that Bartek has another activation left where he can just move Alenson on.

Oh my.

At least I score my own Path to Victory at the end of the round but I’m behind on glory vs a Tome deck going into round 3, not a good look. I bin Keep Them Guessing as I don’t want to be restricted in my activation’s going into the last round.

Glory 8 to me, 10 to Bartek.

Round 3

You can see from the image above where I should have moved the Duke, the hex below and to the right. Oh well.

I win the roll off and chose for Bartek to go first, I want to have the last activation in the game. Bartek opens incredibly strongly by charging the Duke with Drakskewer, dealing him 2 wounds and putting a move token onto my most powerful fighter with Transfixing stare.

I do score In the Name of the King and Shifting Madness at the end of the activation though, my deck is starting to ‘go off’. This is one of the reasons I burnt Pack Advance in round 1, as soon as I draw into these objectives I am set up to automatically score them.

I upgrade the Duke with Well Motivated, planning to kill Drakskewer back but Bartek uses Sidestep to get out of range. It was really smart of him to wait until I committed the upgrade before using Sidestep as it denies the upgrade from a fighter who can still charge.

For my first activation I draw a power card, Bartek responds by moving Thundrick into attack range of the Duke. The Duke does have Crown of Avarice on while Thundrick still has Tome of Offerings.

For second activation I hold my nerve and reach for another power card.

Thundrick downs his rival with a blast to the face and scores Death from Afar, Bartek gets two glory for the kill while I get one.

To give you a late in the game glory update we are now on 12 all. Yes its tight.

At this point I know that every single glory point is going to count. The only fighter in my warband that has enough damage to get a kill is Valreek, she can kill Alenson, unfortunately she is out of charge range right now. So I do something that on the surface looks silly. I move the Royal Butcher next to Valreek.

Bartek’s 4th, he draws a power card.

Ok it’s time. Time for the crazy play.

I equip Valreek with Greath Strength, she needs this to actually kill Alenson, then I play Confusion and swap the Royal Butcher with Valreek.


Valreek is now in charge range of a juicy 3 wound dwarf.

I play Haymaker.

Four successes and a crit secure the kill.

I play Restless prize to bring the 3rd objective token back under the Royal Butcher (Bartek had used Restless prize to move it away earlier in the round). This is my third ploy of the round and scores me Pervasive Delusion. I had one objective left in my deck. I draw Supremacy.

Ok you want a glory race?

Final scoring I grab Supremacy and Opening Gambit.

Bartek scores the inevitable Acoylte of the Katophranes alongside Live by the Code. Bartek had 5 of 6 tomes in his deck equipped.

Glory total at the end is 18 all.

I win on tiebreakers for having more fighters on objective tokens.

Fuck me.

Post game thoughts

That had been about as close to the wire as its possible to get while still counting as a win for me. With Keep Chopping, Path to Victory and the usual Thundrick objectives in his deck Bartek really needed targets in order to get the glory train rolling and then use Acolyte as a finisher. What I really wanted now was to win the first roll off and set up fully offset. My deck might want 3 tokens ideally but it will score a decent chunk of glory by playing passively and my take was that Bartek’s would fully brick in the same situation.

Game 2 – Electric Boogaloo

Bartek won the roll off. He went wide again.


I do get a very nasty lethal hex placement, once again forcing Bartek to deploy his fighters cautiously. Looking back at the placement I think I should have placed the token for objective 3 slightly differently – where it is it gave Bartek a better spot to place his lethal hex token and potentially use it to threaten two of my fighters instead of one.

Once again I was very happy with the deployment, it didn’t look like Bartek was going to deny me an early inspire. He also chose to go first in the first activation meaning I would have an easy time sitting on 3 objective tokens at the end of the round.

Bartek’s first activation is to shoot at the Night’s Herald with Ironhail, immediately scoring Headshot and signalling that he might be looking to score Keep Chopping. I use Pack, Advance to sit my Crypt Ghouls on 3 tokens and to pull the Herald back for future attacks.

In my first activation I charge Valreek onto objective 5, putting 2 wounds onto Lund. This is a risky move, it gives Bartek the target he needs to keep shooting at for his objectives. On the other hand it can deny Path to Victory and it helps me end my activation with Swift Capture and In the Name of the King. One part of getting good with Grymwatch is playing around these objectives that score at the end of an activation, that’s another reason why I played Pack,Advance in the previous power step.

Bartek starts his second activation with a charge form Ironhail and kill’s the Hereld on objective 3. At the end of Bartek’s activation I score shifting Madness, I had drawn it off the previous surge objectives from the end of last activation but had to wait till the end of another activation till I could score it.

For my second activation I move Gristlewel through a lethal hex (onto the hex to the right of Objective 3) and score Scrum and Calculated Risk.

My deck is going off.

Thundrick shoots Valreek and finishes her off. I follow by using ghoul call to bring the Hereld back, signalling that I am going for Keep them Guessing.

In Bartek’s last activation of the turn he charges into my board with Drakkskewer and kills the Royal Butcher. I use my final activation to put the Duke on Guard, it’s fairly obvious what I am going for now. For the final power step of the turn I use Centre of Attention and Restless Prize to get back onto 3 tokens, also scoring myself Pervasive Delusion in the process.

Scoring at the end of round 1, I get Supremacy, Keep Them Guessing and Opening Gambit. Bartek gets Live by the Code and Fired up.

This puts me on 13 glory.

13 glory in one round without a kill.

I’ve never had a deck in my history of playing the game do that in round 1, the only comparison I have is back in the dark days of relics with them all equipped in round 3. For reference I only had 3 objective cards left in my deck (yes I had scored 9 in round 1) and drew them up going into the second round.

Bartek managed to get to 7 glory, normally a damn good start. But I was inspired and had a massive lead. I felt like the game was mine to lose now and wanted to play as safe as possible. The biggest potential issue for me going into round 2 was an inspired Drakkskewer all up in my grill pressuring a bunch of my fighters.

Round 2

I win the roll off and choose to go first. Bartek hasn’t scored Get Thee Hence yet so I charge him with Gristlewel. It succeeds grabbing me a glory and looking back at the vod I can see he did have get Thee Hence in hand.


I pop crown of Avarice onto Gristlewell in the power step putting Bartek in a position where only Drakkskewer can aggressively score easy glory. I also put Sudden Growth onto the Duke, making him an almost impossible target to kill.

Drakkskewer gets angry and kills the Night’s Herald without having to commit to a charge as he is already in range. I power up the Duke with Haymaker (I either player Great Strength/Well Motivated onto the Duke here or I did it in the end step of the last round) and charge onto objective 1, avenging the Herald and killing Drakkskewer. My board is now totally secure and Bartek is in a very tough place if he wants to score more glory.

For Bartek’s second activation he charges The Harriers with Lund, who land a kill thanks to a cheecky crit and Fighter’s Ferocity.

The final activations of round 2 are used by us both simply moving fighters onto objective tokens and drawing power cards. At the end of the round I score my three remaining objectives, Solid Gains, Fired up and Path To Victory while Bartek scores nothing.

Glory at the end of round 2 is 19 to me and 10 to Bartek. I have no more objectives in my deck to score so I’m in a risky spot but I think that even with Acolyte I should win this by playing safe.

Round 3

Bartek goes first and charges with Lund, killing the Butcher who is camped on objective 3. For my first activation I ghoul call the Herald into the middle of the board, looking for potential options. Bartek makes the call to use Toxic Gases onto Gristlewell, I choose to take the wound and die as being pushed back two hexes neuters him from the game and I have Crown on so taking the extra glory is fairly nice. On the other hand my only threat left is the Duke and he can’t move far with Sudden Growth.

I start drawing power cards for my activations now, waiting to see what Bartek does. He moves Alenson over a lethal hex to grab Calculated Risk. We both spend some activations drawing power cards, at this point I think my best play would have been to move the Herald out of charge range so there was no way Bartek comes back into the game.

Thundrick charges at the Herald and luckily for me misses, I then totally forget that the Duke has Sudden Growth on him and power the Duke up and charge at Thundrick (to clarify this charge was illegal as I didn’t have enough movement to make it with Sudden Growth on). Luckily for the sake of fairness I totally miss a 5 dice attack with cleave onto the big Tome bearer, my sneaky plan to get the last wound onto Thundrick was to use Appalling Visage to push him through a lethal hex.

All Bartek can score at the end of the round is a small Acolyte of the Katophranes, giving him an end score of 17 to my 20.

Honestly this game was mostly won through a crazy turn 1 where my deck just scored absolutely insanely. Killing Ironhail before Get Thee Hence could be scored was big in both games as well. Going into the tournament I didn’t think Tomes were a viable plan as with only 3 restricted cards to choose from it puts a big strain on your deck. Bartek showed that I was wrong and his deck functioned very smoothly.

I do think that if I had won boards it would have gone even better for me but then that game 2 with three tokens shows just how easily the deck can score. Its a tricky choice when playing vs the Grymwatch that is only made worse by their inspire condition.

And now a word from my opponent – Bartek himself

When Nick found me after lunch I knew I’m going to play on a stream again. That made me a little nervous – it’s semifinal game and being on a stream makes it a bit harder. Luckily I’ve had a taste of what it’s like on day 1 of the event, so I guess I was a bit more relaxed than I would’ve been if this has been my first game on a vision. When I saw Mike at the table, my initial thought was “damn…”. My second thought was “daaaamn”. I knew Mike was on a streak with his bunch of raw steak fanatics and that did pose quite a challenge as I’ve had exactly 0 practice against GW using Profiteers. I’ve had only 2-3 games against them, but as Skaeth’s Wild Hunt and that’s quite a different story.

I’ve decided to basically go and see what Mike is up to and disrupt it. It’s been a long event and I’ve had even longer week before it, so I was hoping my brain would not run out of juice mid game. It would have been embarrassing to make some epic misplays while on stream.

In Game 1 I was lucky to win the priority on board placement and I did give Mike the objectives. I think it is universally a good plan to secure yourself an access to Grymwatch player’s territory. Denying ghouls a 3rd objective is in my eyes an exercise in futility – at least if you’re playing warband that is intending to kill some of them. With Ghoul Call it’s very likely they’ll grab (or at least will have a good shot at) 3rd one anyway. So instead of putting yourself in a bad board setup it is better to secure yourself good positioning. Especially if you’re having a small herd of move 2 dwarf dudes who really would like to start shooting to get the glory engine going.

I chose to go with a fairly safe setup – I knew that stopping ghouls from inspire is super important. However two factors actually made me consider another option: it’s not that hard to kill my key fighters early and if I were GW player I would play aggressively. I didn’t want to risk losing my dudes before they’ve done their work. And I did figure that I would rather give GW that extra move and accuracy, but keep my fighters alive long enough to score my glory. As it turned out that plan did backfire a bit with Gristlewel going HAM on Lund and killing him way too early for my taste. I’ve did a bit risky move with Ironhail trying to score some glory with him, but dice did not fully cooperate. I did inspire him – getting to 3hp with a block defense is fairly decent buffer against Grymwatch. Sadly I did lost rolloff for initiative and he then got killed off with a crit from Gristlewel. That was unfortunate and did make my life a bit more difficult. I was still feeling pretty safe however. I’ve been good on glory, I’ve had Tome of Offerings down on Thundrik. Drakkskewer was healthy and inspired. Mike did play aggressively, which was in line with how I would’ve played GW. That did help, as it was a bit easier to control the situation, as it made me feel I know what he would probably do. When I’ve seen him turn Crackmarrow into a bruiser beast I knew I would have to control him somehow. I’ve had an answer for him that would last for a round of play, but I was worried about round 3. So my initial plan was to focus him hard and kill while I’ve managed him in round 2. And then Mike made a move action with him. That made me happy. My Transfixing Stare + Seek the Skyvessel plan had now turned into “Seek the Skyvessel + ignore the big stinker for now and Transfixing Stare him later and hope I will get out of range in time”. My Frenzied Search did bring me Sidestep, so I was happy again – he would be a troublemaker only if Mike won the initiative. So leaving Crackmarrow alone I went doing more interesting stuff than shooting him.

In round 3 Mike won the roll, and he said “go first”, but I actually heard “I’ve got Supremacy and I don’t know yet how you’ve planned to ruin Crakmarrow’s day”.  I’ve started to work on Crakmarrow’s health – it’s been a solid 2+ glory for me with Thundrik’s Tome of Offerings. I’ve unloaded Stare + Sidestep to make sure he won’t pose any threat too.

After moving Thundrik I decided to go for a greedy option and try to bait ghouls into my Thundrik range by bringing objective token closer to me. I guess it would’ve made sense to actually keep it and try to reposition my own objective for tie breaker, but I was tired and decided to go with the Way of the Shotgun instead.

In my last activation I’ve made my big misplay of the game. Initially I was planning to move Alensen way to the back. I was afraid Larval Lance landing on the table (I did assume Mike has it – it’s just that good) and then Mike would’ve reached me. But in the end I did too much thinking and decided to try to fish for a Tome instead – without luck. And that did cost me a game. Mike has pulled off his magic Confusion trick and killed Alensen. This has given him that one glory he needed to tie me and since I’ve had 0 objectives he won on a tie breaker. You know that saying about following your first guesses?

In Game 2 I’ve won the roll on boards and I did again allow Mike to keep 3 objectives. And then I did a big mistake of getting scared of the pressure he can put on my fighters and I did place a board that has been a bit too defensive. I did also put my fighters a bit too far back. 

My second mistake in round one was  to charge Drakkskewer into a random ghoul instead of removing one of Mike’s main threats on the table: Gristlewel. I wanted to stop Supremacy, but for some reason I did forget that usually if opponent is on 3 objectives already and haven’t played a single push card yet then it’s already too late to stop it.

Mike has scored 13 glory – that’s an amazing outcome. I’ve been on 7. I’ve had a moment of doubt at first, but then I’ve made a quick calculation. It would be an uphill battle, but I’ve had most of the components needed to actually stay in the game. My deck could produce 20 glory from cards alone. So it wasn’t bad. Only low number of tomes in my hand was worrying me a bit. But that was a concern for later – I could’ve start drawing them anytime soon.

Then Mike won the initiative and Gristlewel has (again!) hit with a crit and killed poor Ironhail right away. That did hurt. My Get Thee Hence was dead and Keep Chopping suddenly became that much harder to score due to the positioning of my other fighters. Mistake of not removing Gristlewel has bitten me back.

I’ve put Tome of Offerings on a Drakkskewer. It’s a sort of a gamble. He’s a dude with high kill potential and good threat range. If he killed at least one enemy fighter then I’ve got as much from the Tome as I would from Acolyte if the Tome was on a passive Thundrik. He did kill one – I was hoping for more, but Crackmarrow with Haymaker and +1 damage did foil my plans. 

In round 3 things looked grim at first glance. It was 20:13 for Mike. And I’ve had only 2 Tomes on Thundrik and 0 in my hand. But my objective hand was actually not that bad. It would all depend on Mike’s ability to score something and on a bit of luck for me. It all boiled down to my last 2 activations:

  1. I did draw a power card, but that was not a Tome.
  2. My last charge with Thundrik was super important. If I landed a hit I would be +1 glory from the kill and +2 from Path to Victory that sat on my hand along with 2 movement ploys to ensure I have 2 guys on an objective. 

But alas, my charge has missed. And my last 3 Tomes were next 3 cards in the deck. The game was lost by 3 glory. Crazy run to at least tie the game has failed, but at least it was a really close call.

It was an excellent learning experience on how to play against Grymwatch though. Next time I will try to have it before the event, not during the semi final match. It’s a good practice to follow I guess.

The match has left me exhausted, but it was really good fun. Mike has been a great opponent to play against. And I’ve made him work for those dwarf burgers. So despite the disappointment that my run for the glass has ended I was feeling satisfied. I’ve hit the semifinal with a list that I’ve put together a couple days before and had 0 practice with before flying over to the UK for the event. My goal was to try to make it to top16. Top4 was well above the minimum I’ve set for myself. So I was happy. But next time I do plan to have Mike’s hide 😉


I think its really interesting to see the differences in how both me and Bartek viewed the match. A really important skill when trying to improve at this game is in properly reviewing what happened and we are all naturally biased by our own points of view. What can seem like a trivial attack thats a 50/50 to hit missing and not being a big deal could be your opponent not scoring Death from Afar and combo-ing it into Combination Strikes which could win them the game.

If you are interested in a more detailed article on how Bartek’s deck played then you can have a read at the one he wrote here.

Apologies for not getting the final done yet, but this one took a ton of time. expect it in about a week and then we should be into spoiler season for the next set of expansions (fingers crossed).

At Steel City we would love to have your feedback. If you have something to say about a specific article then feel free to comment below, if you want to get in touch about the blog in general, or just prefer to communicate privately then you can get in touch by emailing us at

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