Grand Clash 3 – The Ultimate Final Of Ultimate Destiny


This is the last article detailing my recent(ish) grand clash adventures in October, if you haven’t done so yet I highly recommend reading parts 1 and 2 so that you have a clue what is going on.

Like the last article this one is going to focus on a specific match, namely the final, wherein I go into detail about the decisions I made at each point in the game, which will hopefully give you a decent insight into how to play the deck. Unfortunately I don’t have a line of communication with my opponent, the legendary Phil Kelly,  for this match so unlike last article I won’t have a section with his thoughts afterwards. I will pop a small segment at the end talking about the general meta for the grand clash but I don’t think it’s worth going into super detail on that what with a host of new expansions coming our way soon. 

So strap yourselves in, there is going to be more ‘top quality’ photo shop and another small novel’s worth of text in this article.

The Final Match

Link to vod here.

Pre game thoughts

Even I have heard the name Phil Kelly, I might not be super into Games Workshop and its various settings these days but being a geek in the UK you are going to have at least an ancillary awareness of 40k or Blood Bowl, they are practically ingrained into our culture at this point. I was genuinely nervous to find myself up against such a big name, especially with the match being streamed. We had a small period of time to just chat before our game started while they were getting stream stuff ready and one topic of conversation that came up was that Phil likes to play big free for all Twilight Imperium style games very aggressively. I took this information to heart and guessed that meant his playstyle would be aggressive.

Before this tournament started Aman, of Hexes and Warband fame, asked me what warband I thought would give my Grymwatch the most trouble. I answered Thorns and he said that was exactly what he was thinking of as well. Thorn’s have the ability to camp on all objective tokens on their side of the field in the first activation and then spend the rest of their turn charging at me if they so wish, while I have to use 2-3 activations simply moving my fighters onto tokens, effectively giving a lot of tempo up to the Thorns player early on (if I didn’t have Pack,Advance in hand that is). Thorns could also fairly reliably stop me inspiring if they did that swarming style approach John Rees used in Scotland and the uninspired stats of the Grymwatch are going to have a very hard time fighting off those ghosts. Finally Thorns can take both Howling Vortex and Abasoth’s Unmaking, two cards that I was very afraid of as their effects were so strong against my objectives.

The advantages I had was that my warband specific objectives were much better so if I could make the game even neutral I should come out on top in glory. I also had both Tome of Offerings and Trophy Belt, my backup win condition of having the duke farm glory from Chainrasps could be a big factor here.

Surprisingly my mental state was really good going into the final. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well at these events (not that it usually helps) and I had spent a long time preparing, failing at the last hurdle would genuinely feel real bad. None of the pressure was getting to me though and my brain felt like it was working well as I went through different game plans in my head. I knew I had made a couple of silly mistakes in the semi-final and wanted to just play as tight a game as I could.

I also knew that in the semi final Phil had destroyed Jay Clare 2-0 and Jay Clare was on Grymwatch. I legit consider Jay to be the best player of the game, oh also Phil was undefeated all tournament up to now. I set myself the goal of doing better than Jay and went into mental ‘puzzle solving’ mode instead of letting the stakes and situation get to me.

Game 1

I won advantage. This was a tough decision. Giving Phil tokens gives him some easy glory he can score but taking boards should give me a free inspiration. I choose to take boards based on our earlier conversation that Phil was going to play aggro. I knew my deck had some decent passive glory in it so I should be able to score something while inspiring and hopefully not be in too big of a glory hole early.

Key of Fighters:

D – The Big Daddy – Duke Crackmarrow

G- His right hand Ghoul – Gristlewel

VA = His smelly tracker – Valreek

DH – Bats Straight out of Hell – The Dukes Harriers

MT – Some random minion – Master Talon

RB – The most important member of the court – The Royal Butcher

H – Harold – The Nights Hereld

Q – The leader of Phil’s forces – The Briar Queen

VR – The power behind the throne – Varclav

EH- You are a member of this council but we do not grant you the rank of master – The Everhanged

CR – The minions – Chainrasps (yes i know they have differences but this key is big enough as it is)

Phil’s objective token placement is fairly neutral but maybe slightly aggressive, they are not all at the back implying he wanted to be coming at me. Lethal hex tokens are almost entirely useless vs the Thorns but I place one at a useful spot in my territory so I can easily score Calculated Risk, while Phil managed to get a nice aggressive lethal hex placement behind objective token 3. Phil’s deployment is very interesting, I have played against many aggro Thorns players in my time but they generally tend to be more aggro flex then full aggro. Seeing Varclav and the Queen both positioned so aggressively was not something I was expecting at all. For anyone who remembers back to part 1 of my article, and thus has the deck list open, I don’t run Pit Trap or Snare. That means my only way of killing the Queen or Varclav early is by getting 1 of 2 different upgrades onto Gristlewell and also trying to make his attack accurate enough to hit. This was going to be a tough game.

I win the roll off for turn order and choose to go second, this is my default option and it takes a very good reason for me to want to go first in the first round. Phil starts by Varclav pushing to camp onto 3 tokens, this is the efficient opener I am scared of. 

I honestly can’t remember the exact cards in my hand and unfortunately that’s not something the vods can help me with. I believe I kept a hand that had Keep them Guessing in and 2 other objectives I was unlikely to score. I stuck with it because Keep them Guessing is a nice bunch of glory I can score without needing objective tokens, but not having a surge objective to get glory early was going to hurt. My first activation is to move the Royal Butcher onto an objective token and play Frenzied Search. This is actually quite a painful time to play Frenzied Search as all the cards in my hand are good but without any early glory my upgrades are useless right now to me, I ditch Potion of Rage, looking for powerful positional ploys that can ensure I inspire early.

For Phils second activation he charges the Everhanged into Master Talon and kills the low wound ghoul. I had deliberately positioned a Cryptghoul in charge range as it gives me a target for Ghoul Call/Muster but the downside is it’s an easy early glory for Phil. The Everhanged is now an enemy fighter in my territory, making inspiration much harder and being hard to kill at 3 wounds.

I go into my second with a charge from Gristlewel, if I wasn’t trying to score Keep them Guessing I would have gone with a weaker ghoul first and set up supports for Gristle but I could only make one charge this turn and still score that objective. So I take a gamble with a 44% chance attack, at least if we draw I can push him out of my territory, unfortunately the attack completely misses, meaning the Everhanged not only stays in my territory but will inspire for free now.

Phil sets up for an aggressive turn by playing Potion of Rage onto the Queen, he then charges into my territory and tries to kill Gristlewel with a 5 fury and supported attack. He misses. Phew. That was a bit lucky for me. On the other hand that is now another fighter in my territory. I’m in a bit of a bind because I can’t score Keep Them Guessing while also charging to try and push Phil’s fighters out of my territory.

For my third I Ghoul Call the dead Master Talon, planning on setting up for some objective tricks next round. Unfortunately he comes back in a very risky spot (due to a single support on my roll) namely, right next to Varclav, giving the fighter a free inspire. Phil’s final activation is to charge into my board with Varclav and kill Valreek, really wish I hadn’t inspired him now. 

I use my last activation to go on guard, ensuring I score Keep Them Guessing, Phil cycles his deck a bit and pops a damage onto Gristlewel with Encroaching Shadow.

Phil scores Fired up + Solid Gains.

I don’t inspire and only score Keep The Guessing. 

Two glory to me, 4 to Phil and I haven’t inspired, while Phil has 3 massive threats on my board. I know I’m not out of it yet but it’s going to be a massively uphill battle. Note I do get a cheeky Crown of Avarice onto Gristlewel in the endstep here.

I cannot remember who choose which player went first now but I know that I had the first activation. I charge the Dukes Harriers at the Queen, fluff the almost meaningless attack and lock her down with Transfixing Stare. Phil sets up for a big attack and plays Spiritbond on the Queen, it’s my priority next and I push the Queen away with Appalling Visage. I’m super happy with this play, I’ve removed the biggest threat from my board for a whole round and got Phil to use one of his upgrades on a fighter that can’t act this yet. 

Phil’s first activation of the round is to attack Gristlewel with the Everhanged, the attack is whiffed and I can suddenly see myself coming back into this game. In the power step Phil pops Crown of Avarice onto the Everhanged, mirroring my play in the endstep of last round and making the Everhanged a very unappealing target. I choose to get some glory on the board and move the Royal Butcher over a lethal hex to get Calculated Risk. Looking back at this I maybe should have just tried an odds off attack with Gristlewel onto the Everhanged. Yes I would give up a glory, but then Varclav is the only immediate threat and I probably inspire. On the other hand if I miss the attack it’s a wasted activation and that might cost me the game, it’s a tough call even with hindsight. I can also use the Calculated Risk activation to get onto an objective token and set myself up for future objective scoring, which is what I do.

Phil attacks again with the Everhanged and both of us forget that Gristlewel is supported so when I roll a single support symbol I remove him from the board as we think he is dead. Honestly I’m not even sure if this is a misplay, it’s just nerves and mental fatigue getting to us. Unfortunately it’s a big blow to my whole gameplan as my biggest threat is now dead. At least I get the consolation prize of a glory from Crown.

In my power I play Centre of Attention onto the Queen, pulling the Everhanged back and the Chainrasp holding objective 3 forwards. This leaves an exposed objective for me to grab which would also bring me adjacent to 3 of Phil’s fighters. This is also my third ploy of the round which scores me Pervasive Delusion. Despite Phil’s aggressive play I still expect him to pack Supremacy in his deck so grabbing hold of token number 3 should deny him that this turn. I commit to the plan and charge onto the token, missing the Chainrasp I targeted while scoring In the Name of the King. I’m now at a tentative glory lead but the board state is still very against me.

Phils response is to charge the Everhanged forwards and he kills the Royal Butcher, making holding three objective tokens harder. The Everhanged has done work this round. For my final activation of the round I charge the Duke at the Everhanged, I know I don’t have the damage to kill it but I want that token (something tells me I have Supremacy in hand), unfortunately for me Phil has the last activation of the round so I will need some luck to keep holding all 3. Oh and the Duke does manage to hit, at least I have a chance of killing the Everhanged next round.

Phil charges Varclav at the Duke, tying the defence result and letting him push the Duke back, dealing 2 wounds with the lethal hex and Pit Trap combined, which also score him Treacherous Foe. Ouch.

No supremacy for me, I lack the power cards in hand to reposition. Phil scores Opening Gambit at the end of the round, while I score nothing. At least I’m making Supremacy a dead objective for Phil.  Glory is 7 to me and 6 to Phil.

Phil wins the roll off, I muster the Butcher onto Phil’s board for potential Confusion/Restless prize tricks to grab onto tokens later in the round. Phil starts the round by killing poor old Master Talon sitting on token 3, this is a very strong play as it denies me a token, gains Phil a glory and doesn’t even put a charge token onto the Queen. Oh and he scores Strong Start. Yikes, I am now behind in glory as well in a horrible board state.

I’m behind, by a lot. I need to make a risky play if I am going to win this. I charge the Duke at the Everhanged, I don’t go onto the objective token because I need to be adjacent for the glory from the Trophy Belt I have equipped, I have Restless Prize in hand to tuck that token under the Duke at the end of the round. I also have Tome of Offerings equipped and Heroic Vision which makes the attack odds on. The attack hits and I grab 2 glory while Phil grabs one from Crown of Avarice, tying us at 9 all. 

I’m honestly happy that I have somehow made this game really close despite the horrible board position I am in. I now need Phil to miss 2/3 attack in a row and I can win this, honestly that’s the best I could hope for going into this round.

Phil equips the inspired Chainrasp with Faneway Crystal and makes a charge through objective token 5 onto the Duke, hitting the Duke for 2 wounds (I presume he had Great Strength or Gloryseeker on at this point but it’s impossible to tell from the vod) and scoring Branching Fate. I did not expect a Thorns player to run branching fate as only two of the fighters in the warband can actually score it and one only when inspired. Still if you are planning to make a lot of attacks with the Queen it can make sense. I dutifully pop the wounds onto the Duke (who is only not dead thanks to Sudden Growth) and score Scrum as there are now 4 fighters all adjacent to each other. The game is tied at 10 all and it couldn’t be tenser.

Unfortunately with a charge token on the Duke and all my other threats dead I am pretty much out of proactive options to take. My second activation is to simply draw a power card. I start praying to the dice gods for Phil to miss the inevitable attacks.

The dice gods shun me and the expected result happens with Varclav killing the Duke in the next activation. Whelp. I don’t see a way to score Supremacy with my current fighter positions and there is very little else I can do.  To add insult to injury the Queen charges and kills the bats, Phil has a glory lead of 13-10 (Varclav got an extra glory through Tome of Offerings).

The final activation of the game see’s me making a hail mary charge with the Butcher, trying to push a chain rasp off an objective token. Phil plays Agreesive Defence, the perfect counter to my plan. For the final power of the game I have to make a tough choice between denying the Supremacy that I think Phil has in hand vs scoring the Path to Victory that I do have in hand. Either way I lose the game so I am just trying to maximise glory in case the match becomes a tie. I choose to score Path to Victory as at least it lets me know going forwards if Phil is even playing such an important card. 

Phil grabs Supremacy + Path to Victory while I only get Path to Victory. I lose game one 12 to 18.

This is a rough position to be in. I need to win every game remaining in the set and it feels like Phil’s playstyle is really hard for me to deal with. Not having much damage in my deck makes the three big threats of the Queen, Varclav and The Everhanged which Phil is using so aggressively very hard for me to deal with. However I have seen a lot of Phil’s deck and I know that last game could have gone very differently had I inspired early. Phil’s deck is very aggro with the only ‘passive’ glory being Supremacy, despite losing the first game with offset boards I want to try and play that way again if possible. I’m also very happy that I am not tilting, that last round of the game I legitimately did the best I could for the situation I was in, my head is still very much in the game. 

Game 2

Phil wins advantage and picks tokens. This is a totally reasonable decision from his perspective as the last game he had tokens went so well for him. Phil picks the Ruptured Seal a board with plenty of lethal hexes that the Thorn’s can abuse, there is a glaring weakness is using the Ruptured Seal as a ‘reaction’ board though, just look at what I do to it in the setup below.

This isn’t just a fully offset board state, this is a super offset board state. Phil is able to make exactly one charge (not counting tricks form his deck) in the first round and the only way to stop me inspiring would be to Varclav push a bunch of weak Chainrasps into my board that I actually have the damage to kill early in the game. Honestly this game was won from board setup so I will be a little lighter on the details then in game 1. Note that there is only one lethal hex token placed, Phil popped that one down in my territory and I realised that I wouldn’t have a problem scoring Calculated Risk safely in this setup so elected not to place my token.

If I can’t win with this setup then I don’t think I can ever beat Phil and his style of playing Thorns. Sure I could try it with 3 tokens on my side and race glory but if I never inspire and have to try fighting off his heavy hitters for 3 rounds it feels like Phil just runs me over. Lets see how it plays out.

The game starts with a charge from The Queen onto the Dukes Harrier’s which misses but Phil uses Endless Malice to ensure the 2 wounds goes through and follows up with Abasoth’s Withering. One glory to Phil, its unfortunate for Phil that he didn’t get another objective off this play because he has exactly one glory and now can’t make any other charges in this round. I use Pack advance to secure my 2 objectives and I score Scrum at the end of my activation. One all.

Phil uses Varlcav to secure all the tokens on his side of the board, he is setup for Supremacy but it’s his only objective for sitting on those tokens and there is a reasonable chance he doesn’t have it in his hand, top players like Phil will often ‘fake out’ objectives like this and it can trap you into burning a bunch of resources stopping something they don’t have.

My second activation is to grab a power card, I’m under no pressure here and I’m happy with the board state so I want more options. Phil’s third is to move a chainrasp into my territory, I mistake it for a Varclav push and accidentally try to play Mirror Move, revealing I have the card in hand. Phil has been playing expertly around Mirror Move for the whole match and now it’s revealed its a much weaker trick.

Not being under pressure feels so nice, I have some seed glory and room to make plays, I load the Duke up with Tome of Offerings and play Haymaker, charging at the encroaching Chainrasp and smiting it for 2 glory. Phil responds by charging the Duke with the Everhanged and misses, still its a fighter in my territory, just one more and I can’t inspire. I counter charge with Gristlewel (who gets support from the Duke) and decapitate the Everhanged. That’s another glory and now there are no fighters on my board at all.

I play a cheeky Restless prize in the final power step as I feel its worth throwing a ploy at trying to stop Supremacy if he does have it, it is also my third ploy of the round so I score Pervasive Delusion. Phil dosn’t play any ploys in the final power step and my warband inspires for the first time in the match. Phew. Phil scores Path to Victory and I score Solid Gains, Glory is 6-3 to me.

Round 1 of game 2 went almost the exact opposite of round 1 in game 1. In game 1 I was restricted by having to score Keep Them Guessing and under pressure from high wound fighters early, in game 2 I was given 2 targets I could kill and my objectives gave me the early glory to get an upgrade out first, while Phil was restricted by having to score Path to Victory. I think if Phil didn’t have Path to victory in hand he could have tried the Varclav trick to push all the chainrasps into my board, its a risky move as it gives me easy targets to kill but its his best chance at stopping me inspiring.

I’m ahead in glory, I’m inspired, all my key fighters are alive and the Everhanged is dead. Going into round 2 its my game to lose.

Phil starts the second round with a simple attack from the Queen, putting 2 wounds onto poor Gristlewel. I ditch Appalling Visage to Frenzied Search and dig for a few more tools. Phil pops Crown of Avarice onto his Queen, the only real target for me. I pop Larval Lance onto Gristlewel and charge onto token 4, trying to kill the Chainrasp that was previously occupying it. The attack misses but I score Shifting Madness (I forgot to score that at the end of Phil’s activation) and Swift Capture. I then play Crown of Avarice onto Gristlewel, making him a pain to deal with.

Phil plays Haymaker and charges Varclav at Gristlewel killing him, I grab the glory from Crown of Avarice but it frees up the token for Phil to control. I push the Duke into attack range of the Queen with Sidestep. The Duke and Queen trade blows through Phil playing Aggressive Defence, fortunately for me I hit while Phil misses, the odds are in my favour as Phil isn’t allowed defence dice for that interaction but I’ll still take it. I then Pull the Duke back out of attack range with Centre of Attention, The queen is going to have to charge if she wants a kill.

Phil finally commits to the charge and unfortunately misses again. I pop a Potion of Rage onto the Duke and kill Phil’s leader, we each get one glory, Phil from Crown and me from Tome of Offerings. Phil uses restless prize to bring objective 4 under Varclav and draws power cards. I decide to end my turn with a proactive play and charge the Duke at Varclav, hoping to push him off the objective, the attack totally whiffs.

End phase I score Opening gambit and Path to Victory while Phil scores Supremacy.

I have a 14-7 glory lead, all my fighters are inspired, Phil only has one threat left, my Duke is tooled up and in Phil’s territory and Phil has already scored his biggest objective in the form of Supremacy. The rest of the game plays out as you would expect, I lock Varclav down with Transfixing stare but the Duke is killed by a combination of Chain rasps and Pit Trap. Phil grabs Strong Start off this to give him a decent surge of glory. He upgrades Varclav with Tome of Offerings and then teleports into my backline with Sudden Appearance but misses the crucial attack. I respond by killing the last threat with the Royal Butcher and its all over. There are some activation’s left but nothing either of us can really do to impact the board. In the end step of the game I score Fired Up and we finish 16-9 to me.

As I said at the beginning this game was won when the boards were setup, the massive distance between our fighters essentially gave me a free inspire and my deck has more passive glory then Phil’s. I also got a bit lucky with the dice and managed to carve up the dangerous parts of Phil’s warband piecemeal.

We ended up in a strange situation then, we had been told we had 15 minutes left to play so we both decided on a 1 round game to take it all. One round games are far from what you would normally expect in Warhammer Underworlds so I would have to change up my game plan accordingly.

Game 3

I’m going to leave out another masterfully photoshoped image here as I can explain what happened in a paragraph or 2. I won the roll off to decide on tokens or boards, this time I picked tokens. In my semi final vs Bartok I had managed a 13 glory round 1 with 3 tokens when I didn’t even score a kill, I knew how crazy this deck could be at glory generation with those tokens and if we were only playing for 1 round I didn’t care about inspiring or killing Phil’s main threats, I just wanted glory.

Phil set the boards wide, he wanted as much access for charges as possible, he won the roll for priority and chose to go first. The Queen tried to kill Valreek who was deployed only 2 hexes away and missed. In the power step I play Transfixing stare onto the Queen and moved Valreek onto an objective token back in my territory.

Game over.

Phil had Strong Start and Branching fate in his hand, he also had Pit Trap to ensure the attack could turn into a kill. If Valreek had died I give myself 20-30% chance to win that game as Phil would now has glory for upgrades and the Queen can keep attacking, potentially scoring Branching Fate later in the turn. With the Queen locked down by Transfixing Stare one of Phil’s objectives is bricked for the round and the other one is really hard to score, while his main threat can’t get any normal glory from kills.

The round plays out with no more surprises, I only score 7 glory by the end but its enough to take the win.


I honestly didn’t expect to win that.

Especially after the drubbing Phil gave me in the first game.

I’m over the moon.

Thoughts on the Thorns vs Grymwatch Matchup

The way Phil played his Thorns has made me reevaluate the strength of the spooky ghosts. I said at the beginning of this article that they were the warband I was most afraid of but I was not prepared for Phil’s super aggressive style of play. Using the Queen, Varclav and The Everhanged almost as a 3 piece warband where you only need 1 activation to get all the benefits of sitting on objective tokens like Supremacy/Frenzied Search. If the Thorn’s stop the Grymwatch inspiring then they will out trade them and slowly grind the game out like Phil did to me in game 1. The lack of damage in my deck wasn’t an issue all tournament until I came up against high wound fighters that also ignore lethal hexes and it really does present a unique challenge that Grymwatch players are going to have to plan around.

I have a suspicion we will see both Thorns and the Grymwatch at the top of the meta for a long time, they both seem to be the premier hold objective warbands and the new set certainly seems to be pushing that playstyle a bit, in my mind right now they both occupy the magical S tier of warbands with everyone else somewhere below. Of course this also means that warbands/decks built specifically to beat them could do well, don’t count your chickens yet, this meta is not solved and we have just been given a whole bunch of new toys to try and break it with.

Board Selection

I got asked in my last article about board selection, which ones I choose in which situations. Instead of reeling off a list of what board you should pick vs what warband I will try to give you the reasoning between my selections, hopefully that will help you with your subsequent game as well. If I get to set up boards and I think my opponent is playing aggressive where they need to make attacks/kills then I go fully offset, picking a board that gives me the most distance between our respective starting hexes, when doing this look at the board your opponent picked and look for corners that are not populated with many starting hexes, pick a board that best abuses that.

Against opponents who are defensive when I get board setup I pick the most aggressive possible wide configuration with as many of my big fighters up front as possible. I use one of my objective tokens to ‘block’ their placement, this usually gives your opponent 4 tokens on their board but there are 2 that you can contest as opposed to 1. In this setup I will charge 3/4 times and put the pressure on my opponent, aiming to get a free inspire whiling denying their glory generation if possible.

For reaction boards I always pick a board with a lethal hex, I like to place my lethal tokens offensively to make kills easier so having a lethal hex or 2 on my board makes scoring Calculated Risk much easier. Outside of that I want a good spread of starting hexes, the Penitents throne is generally my favourite here.

Heads up this next bit is cheesy, personally I am a big fan of cheese.

Thank You

I would not have won this Grand Clash without the help of a a plethora of individuals, I’m going to try and list them all here but I apologise in advance if there is anyone I have missed.

Firstly thanks to my Co-Authors Tom, Freya and the mysterious Hobbit. You are not only great friends but are utterly brilliant players and I think we hit on something special together with are different approaches to playing the game.

Thank you to to Aman from Hexes and Warbands, I have been in touch with you a lot over the last half a year and I think we have both improved each other’s game a lot through our discussions and practice sessions, I look forward to keeping in contact and in meeting you properly at Nova.

Thank you to Jonathon and Davy, two more american players. Jonathon helped me develop my objective token placement strategy and Davy forced me to put Transfixing Stare back into my deck by drubbing me with his Reavers.

Thank you to Nickramone, a constant practice partner form Italy who is probably the best pure hold objective player in the game, I’m terrified of you coming to the January Grand Clash but hyped to finally meet you.

Thank you to Martin Collins and Oli Bond for travelling with me to the tournament. I know results didn’t go exactly your way (sometimes for very poor reasons outside of your control) but you have done amazing at these events before and I look forward to doing another event with the Sheffield crew.

Thanks to another Sheffielder Liam Charlesworth-Dakin, you literally waited around in the cold to make sure I had a lift back despite the grand final running super late, we barely know each other yet you had my back.

Thank you to all my opponents at the Grand Clash over both days. Everyone was incredibly personable and the quality of opponents was top notch. I even made a great contact and potential future practice partner in my semi final opponent Bartek.

Finally thank you to Dave Sanders and the rest of the design team for Warhammer Underworlds. I have played many games in my time but none have gripped me in the same way as this one, I am very excited to see where future seasons take us.

At Steel City we would love to have your feedback. If you have something to say about a specific article then feel free to comment below, if you want to get in touch about the blog in general, or just prefer to communicate privately then you can get in touch by emailing us at

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  1. Very impressive. Excellent work shifting up on the fly, first to adapt to a different approach from the Thorns than you were used to, and then to just a single-round game on top of that. These have been an excellent read. Thanks for taking the time and effort to write them up and share with us, and congratulations!

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