Shade Glass Reforged

Opening Excuses

Heads up – this is a pretty short article just giving a general update on blog stuff – with a small surprise at the end. I’m aware that this blog is becoming about as regular as Sepsimus’s bowl movements, so I’m going to take a couple of moments to let you all know why that is:

  1. Lack of tournaments – the vast majority of content on this blog is myself, or my co-authors,  writing about how we got on in Grand Clashes or detailing a new and interesting deck that we did well with at a local store tournament. With none of these events happening, not only does that content directly disappear but a knock-on effect is that my motivation to both play and talk about the game mostly disappears. Simply put if I can’t play the game then it’s hard to care about it.
  2. Reduced release schedule – since lockdown started, we have had 3 expansions, Morgok’s Krushas, Morgwaith’s Bladecoven and Arena Mortis. Hands up its on me that I haven’t got an Arena Mortis review out yet but even so that’s a pretty lacklustre set of releases to talk about.
  3. General depression/struggling to be motivated – generally lockdown has been much better for me then for many people, even so the inability to socialise properly is taking its toll and I’m struggling to do much productive.

Realistically these problems are only really going to be solved once the virus/lockdown situation has played out and judging by the general stuff I have read that might not be till the Summer of next year. Yikes.

So, updates to the blog are going to continue to be sporadic for the foreseeable future. I do want to be clear though, I am in no way giving up on Steel City Underworlds. This blog is a labour of love and as soon as the situation picks up you can bet I will be spamming all of the Facebook groups with article after article of content. 

And now for some Happy News

For anyone who read our last update (this was written in July but feels like yesterday and half a century ago simultaneously) my trophy shelf had collapsed under the weight of my own hubris, leaving half of my local store trophies smashed and my Grand Clash trophy in two separate pieces. Here are the gory shots as a reminder:

Honestly when I came home to see my trophies like that, I was pretty distressed. After cleaning up as best I could I realised that many of the broken trophies were still at least partially intact. I began to wonder if something could be done with them, I’d much rather keep them in some form then chuck it all in the bin. After some investigating I found a local artist who specialises in glass work and you know what, I’m going to stop talking here and let the work speak for itself:

I’m over the moon with the finished product. Not only does it look great but it really captures the general Warhammer Underworlds aesthetic – that skull in the middle is actually the symbol for the Shadespire season.

My Grand Clash trophy was also put back together:

If anyone is looking for some glass work that they want doing then I highly recommend Shards Glass Arts, I’m not going to publish the price here because I don’t think its fair but it was a lot less than I expected. The artist is located in Sheffield (UK), for anyone further afield looking for similar work I recommend looking through local artists on sites like Etsy. This pandemic and the economic devastation it is causing is going to be hard on a lot of people, if you can please try to support your local businesses, be it for an awesome one off project like this or just ordering takeaway.

 Teasing Outro

I will be playing in at least 2 major tournaments this month, one of them being John Rees’s UK Masters event. I also haven’t released the Steel City Arena Mortis article yet. In this case laziness has combined with a furtive desire to keep my secrets close to my chest before I unleash them on my unsuspecting opponents. So, once I’ve done my business in public, I will be giving you guys probably the most thoroughly tested, and delayed, Steel City review of content yet.

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