Warband Review: Khagra’s Ravagers


After a season of dealing with ghouls and ghosts moonwalking onto objectives for a million glory it turns out our prayers have been answered. Khagra’s Ravagers come equipped to cave in the skulls of unsuspecting crypt ghouls and smear their delicious remains all over the treats they were trying to capture. Who knew you could make something gross enough that even Master Talon doesn’t want to hold it anymore.

Khagra’s Ravagers have arrived touted as the first of the Direchasm warbands to be geared towards aggro play, with in built objective desecration to ruin your opponent’s previously dominant position.

Read on for Steel City’s hot take on whether Magore’s Fiends Version 2 live up to the hype.

RIP-tooth ☹


Khagra the Usurper

First up the leader. I cannot get over the fact that her card art makes her look like she has a goatee.

Oli – It really does right, some Genghis Khan looking mace and shadow there


Khagra boasts a three damage attack uninspired, which is a brilliant tool to have from the off. Being one upgrade, gambit or lethal hex away from smoking a 4 wound fighter is a crucial tool for aggro warbands that would otherwise struggle into the likes of Rippas and the Wurmspat. Even 5 damage isn’t out of reach, you’ll soon be able to bop a Morgok. Also, speaking of using lethal hexes to finish off unsuspecting foes, that little extra knockback can be helpful in surprising opponents who otherwise thought they were safe. Even if you cant use Knockback 1 to directly bash your enemy into a lethal, you can almost always get them close enough for a Distraction to finish the job. Or a Collapse.

Khagra’s 3 move is her most concerning characteristic. Aggro warbands need to be able to close with the enemy, and 3 move has become rather geriatric pace in the Beastgrave. The Ravagers will definitely need to invest deck space in speeding up (or teleporting in – more on this later).

One block and four wounds round out Khagra’s defensive profile, which is about as average as you get for a more elite warband. Not that I’d be the one to say that to her face…

On inspiring Khagra goes up to two block (delicious) and 4 move (mouth-watering). These two boosts help our malevolent matriarch get stuck in and stay stuck in.

We’ll talk about the inspire properly after we’ve gone through all the fighters, just park desecrate and sacrifice for now.

Zarshia Bittersoul

In a bid to avoid the embarrassing family facial hair, Zarshia has opted to shave her head and grow horns. Bullet successfully dodged if you ask me.

The second sister is a level 2 wizard with a passable two range attack. The juicy inclusion in this card is the spell attack. A spell attack that hits on channels, a feat previously reserved for fervent Fecula fanatics, has appeared on Zarshia. This is not only in itself the equivalent of rolling a 2 smash attack with supports, it also opens up oppurtinities for dice manipulation. So far in Beastgrave and Direchasm we have not seen a universal innate channel or the ability to change a result to a channel, however these effects have existed before. If more automatic channel upgrades appear then Zarshia can get very accurate very quickly. She also (unlike Fecula) inspires to do 2 damage. Whilst I personally don’t think Zarshia is worth investing to heavily in with the current card pool, she is definitely a fighter to be aware of as more tools find their way into Direchasm.

To balance out what it the single best spell attack action printed on a card to date, Zarshia does have a some drawbacks. If she misses her attack, she automatically suffers backlash as the chaos gods smite her face for not reducing Glissette to ashes. She could easily suffer backlash.

Super easily.

I’ll just leave this here. #WarningShot

Zarshia is also the squishiest member of the warband, sporting only three wounds, What a delicate little wielder of vast and unspeakable demonic energies. Be gentle with her.

mike – For people playing in to the Ravagers you will want to keep track on how much they rely on spell based objectives or power cards, if they even use a couple then you should prioritise killing her, which will help to brick the Ravagers deck.

Dour Cragan (Sour Creaman)

So Dour Cragan is danglebro numero uno. The most interesting thing about both sides of his card is the Despoil text. We’re going to go over this at the end.

Otherwise Sour Cragan is perfectly serviceable, with an averagely accurate, averagely damaging attack and an average defence profile. When he inspires, he gets cleave and manages to run a bit quicker.

The good thing about Flour Cragan and Razek is they are both 4 wounds, meaning you can fire and forget with these models round one and they will probably still be around to bash skulls round 2.

Unless you want to Despoil. WE’LL GET TO IT IN A MINUTE.

Razek Godblessed

Razek Godblessed has a shield so he gets 2 block when he inspires. Whilst the rest of Razeks profile is pretty standard but respectable for an elite aggro danglebro, the 2 block is important for extra staying power. When you have fewer models than a significant amount of your opponents and you plan on getting down and dirty with them, you need to make sure you aren’t trading fighters. A good defensive profile to back up your four wounds will keep Razek Despoiling Despoilers until the goats come home.

mike – having a warband with 3 4 wound fighters does mean its hard for your opponent to take primacy away, or sometimes to even get kills at all, Zarshia really is a bit of a weak link here

Or until they don’t come home, because Razek axed their little goat heads.

RIP Korsh.


Finally! So the warbands inspire revolves around desecrating objectives. What does that mean I hear you cry? (Or not since it’s all over Facebook)

So Desecration tokens remain on the board once placed on the board until the end of a power step in which an opposing fighter is in the same hex as that token. This means fighters that cannot hold objectives can still remove desecration tokens. Just picture Bat Squig with a kitchen towel and some Febreze buffing bloodstains out of a death drum (objective 5 is a death drum). Whilst the desecration token is on an objective token that token cannot be held. (I’m 90% sure your using Febreze wrong Tom, but I appreciate the imagery – Oli)

This effectively means desecration tokens will semi reliably block objective surges, but may struggle to block end phase scoring if the opponent has enough pushes to knock the tokens off in the final power step. So the tokens are potentially hard to maintain, but how do we desecrate to begin with?

Oli – Basically if the objective is held going into the end phase, the Desecration Token is un-desecrated (consecrated?), meaning that end phase objectives like Supremacy will still be scored.

Lets have a look at some of the keywords we’ve got. First of – Sacrifice (which appears on all the fighter cards.)

Sacrifice: Reaction: After an activation in which this fighters attack action takes the target out of action, desecrate one objective in the same hex as this fighter or the target.

So first thing to notice is the timing window. After an activation coincides with Snirks inspire and with Vision of Glory’s reaction, which your opponent could pull off to block your desecration token. It also means if you want to desecrate you can’t use any of your own after an activation reactions – such as Mortis Relic reactions. Its worth being aware when you build your deck that if you want to desecrate, you might want to run light on competing reactions.

Second thing to note is there is no range restriction on the reaction. If the warband were to have a range 3, 2 damage attack that could ping ghosts/ghouls/skeletons/goats etc off of objectives, you could park up and desecrate your face off.

Hellfire Sword (It’ll come up in the upgrades) looks tasty…         

You can also desecrate the objective you are standing on, which makes life a little easier if your opponents are trying not to stand on any of the damn things. You stand on the objective, hit your opponent, then pick them up and arrange them in an offensive position on whatever objective you happen to be holding.

Get Desecrated.

Anyway, next keyword Despoil – features on Flower Cragan and Razeks fighter cards.

Despoil: If this fighter holds an objective at the end of the action phase, desecrate that objective.

So, Razek and Power Cragan cannot hold objectives for the purpose of end phase scoring. This includes opponents’ objectives such as Uncontested and Dominant Position. If you want to block those bad boys, your going to have to get the sister act on the job.

The whole warband inspires when – after an activation – there are three or more desecration tokens on the battlefield.

This means you will want to throw all your objectives (bar maybe one, we’ll come to that when we look at objective cards) in your opponents territory. You want to be cleaving through the non-believers with your activations. You do not want to park Shower Cragan in a portaloo in your territory just so he can take a particularly inspiring dump on objective 4, especially if your opponent ends up pushing him out of his defecation desecration zone on the last power step.

mike – Jesus christ tom

You also won’t inspire after despoiling, you have to wait until after the first activation of the next phase to do so. Desolate Domain (an objective we will come to later) will also have to wait until after the first activation of the next round.

If all the objectives are on the enemy’s board you have more chance of ending a turn on one, you also have more chance of attacking an enemy on or from one. This is probably the most reliable way of inspiring.  You just have to hope your not giving your opponent exactly what they want to.

Its worth noting the faction has 2 gambits that place desecration tokens too. As inspiring buffs the movement of all your fighters, as well as providing some nice defensive bonuses, these may be worth including. My gut feeling is inspiring isn’t the be all and end all for this warband though. So desecrate if you must, but just don’t forget you probably want to be hitting things too.

Unless your Mike,

*insert lost pages desecration ravager build here*

mike – Ahem, I think you’ll find that they call me ‘aggro mike’ now 😉


Absolute Defecation Desecration

This one seems very tricky to achieve anytime before the third end phase without very good dice and card draw. With the best will in the world you might get it done in the second end phase. More than likely this will fall flat.

I feel you will be happy to inspire your warband and that only takes three tokens, getting four feels unrealistic.

Sorry Eisenhower Cragan, no despoiling for you today.


Oli – Yeh if you dream of scoring this, dream bigger! Take feed the Beastgrave, it’s probably easier in all honesty.

Brutal Desecration

A surge for desecrating an objective seems much more reasonable, especially because the card doesn’t mention any specific timing window in which it is scored. This means you can score this surge at the end of the action phase when you despoil an objective. Phew. Ideally you want to use a surge objective to get extra glory during the action phase, so if you get a well positioned kill or draw the right gambit you can still hope to score this early. If all else fails though, you can still have Flower Cragan defecate one for you at the end of the turn.


Dark Approval

Victorious Duel is a card almost exclusively seen in Mollog decks, with some aggressive Hrothgorn deck opting into the more surgical aggressive style. Khagra, whilst strong, doesn’t carry quite the same clout as the aforementioned monstrous leaders. She is far more likely to die prior to executing her opposition and will also find it far harder to reach her opposition in the first place. It’s not unreasonable for Khagra to kill an enemy leader, but it is unreasonable to expect it to happen regularly, and at the time you have this card in your hand.

Take Savage Exemplar instead, much more reliable.


Desolate Domain

My prior advice was to dump all your objectives in your opponent’s territory and charge blindly and aggressively into them. If you run this card, just leave one at the front edge of your territory and desecrate it. Or leave it at the back and have Our Cragan defecate on it provided you have ways to shoot him into combat later on (Mask of Darkness, Beast Trail, Spectral Wings etc.).

I expect players playing into Ravagers may try to place the odd objective in the Ravager territory to split their focus between killing and desecrating, so the ease of this objective may depend on your opponent.

Try it out and see how it goes.


mike – We’ve talked about this Tom, commit to a whole number score, none of these weak half points :-p

Fierce Conquerors

A Hybrid Objective for running at your opponent (happy Ravager faces) and for desecrating two objectives (concerned Ravager faces). As your opponent can sidestep onto objectives in the final power step of a round to deny the tokens providing you end phase glory, this one could be tricky. This one feels matchup dependent. Into objective hordes its more than likely 75% of your kills will land a token somewhere, so 2 making it through to the end seems fine. Into smaller warbands it will be tricky to get 2 tokens down in the first place. You’ll have to use the dangle bros to hold enemy objectives and hope for a sacrifice kill/gambit that lets you pop some extra tokens down. Certainly not easy.


Glorious Slaughter

An end phase objective we’ve seen in Wurmspat, Despoilers and Wild Hunt, with similar objectives appearing in Krusha’s and the Mantrappers. If you’re aggro this is worth considering. Great into hordes and slightly worse the smaller your opponents warband gets. Just be mindful of cheeky death warbands resurrecting fighters to deny you the end phase glory.

Oli – I would have preferred if it was like Butchery for Hrothgorn, where there are more dead enemies than surviving, I think its a little more forgiving


Hurricane of Violence

Kill 2 enemy fighters with attack actions and have yourself an extra 2 glory. Again, into hordes this one looks brilliant. I expect those are the matchups where aggressive Ravager builds will really flourish. This warband has some good aggro end phase that has been missing from Beastgrave, so if you can build and pilot a deck that can deal death there are objectives that will pay out glory for it.


Malevolent Exploits

Have yourself a mini Frantic Exchange on the house. Rather than have to see 5 power cards played in a single step, you personally have to play 3. For a warband that would appreciate being able to tool up with some accuracy buffs before flying in, having an objective that allows you some cheeky surge glory in the power step is gold. Be wary of running too many reaction gambits if you are playing this one, as the cards that count towards scoring the objective have to be played in the power step.

mike – an easy surge is the hallmark of a strong warband


On the Dark Road

This is a copy of The Great Hunt which excludes the Hunter requirement of the universal card. This is a solid end phase card. It’s not going to blow anyone away, but it can nicely round out a power deck if you’re struggling with that 11th or 12th card.

Oli – The Great Hunt, Chosen Champion, Singled Out. This structure has always been a reliable end of round objective for if you are struggling


Power of Chaos

Eh, you really need Zarshia inspired to reliably kill models with her spell attack action as the faction has no way of boosting her spell damage with cards. She is allowed to finish of models with Gambit spells as well though, so cards like Whispers of Chaos and Hunting Bolt can score this. Given Zarshias innate squishiness, the fact both the aforementioned spells require a focus, and her innate low damage output I’d give this a miss. There are better surges available, you don’t have to rely on Zarshia.

Don’t worry about upsetting her, she’s already a bittersoul.


Ravagers All

Given Desecration tokens can be removed inspiring is going to be a big ask against anyone not regularly running 2 wound fighters onto objectives. For just one glory this doesn’t seem worth the payout.


Razed Realm

If you run both desecration gambits and pack some positioning gambits this is scorable, 2 feels like a reasonable number of counters to expect on the board. For only one glory this probably will still only surface in decks focussed on desecration.



Eternal Vendetta

Accuracy is good, and currently there aren’t a huge amount of accuracy cards in the game. Unfortunately a single re-roll on a gambit is the absolute bottom of the pile in terms of accuracy buffs, so as soon as better options exist this one gets pushed out of most decks. At the minute Victimise, Bloodscent and Sitting Target are the only other reasonable gambit accuracy options however, so this might sneak into the odd deck, especially in alliance format. In general though take +1 dice cards over this one.


Eye of the Gods

I really like the design space of this card. Eye of the Gods gives you a free upgrade provided certain conditions have been met. That condition being a dead enemy leader. Also your leader has to be alive, and you are going to want this card when both of those things are things.


Your opposing leader is often the strongest model in the warband, and usually the most protected. With 3 move without gambits you aren’t going to be able to choose your engagements early on. It’s likely going to be at least round 2 by the time you sink your chops into the enemy boss-man/woman/fungus. Additionally Khagra is pretty exposed as leaders go, with the warband really requiring you to charge her into the thick of it.

My point is your window to use this card is actually not too easy to achieve. The rewards for doing so are decent however. Cards that give you +1 dice have been restricted in the past, and you can also use this to get damage. Into certain matchups cleave and ensnare can be a godsend (screw you Substance Siphon).  

So it’s a strong effect, requiring no glory to use, but with a separate more difficult condition to fulfil. I think until stronger aggro gambits are released to allow more reliable alpha strike plays this one will probably sit on the bench.

Cool card though!

mike – love the design space of gambits that give permanent buffs


Flames of Spite

Twist the Knife is back! This time however it needs a crit to be activated. The issue here is that most of the Ravagers (Excluding Tower Cragan) only roll 2 dice. Crits aren’t as reliable in this warband as they are in a warband like The Blade Coven, which can reliably run Carve a Rune. Still once more accuracy gambits rear their heads I think this could be a player. Any card that allows you to hit that 4  damage threshold more easily – especially when it still counts the damage as part of an attack action – is worth keeping an eye on. This will help you score Hurricane of Violence along with those tasty aggro surges like Surge of Aggression.

It won’t help you score Malevolent Exploits though, so be wary of that.


Mask of Darkness

Single focus spells on a level 2 wizard are risky but achievable, personally I like quite a strong effect to tempt me into banking on a successful roll.

Oli – Its like 75% right?

mike – Right

Oh, a board wide teleport on a slow moving aggro warband…


*Bops the enemy leader and desecrates the living shit out of that objective*

*Score’s Dark Approval*

*Plays Eye of the Gods*

Its worth a go right?


Power Reclaimed

Please kill my strongest uninspired fighter so I can roll 3 channel on my one damage ranged attack.

Absolutely not.

mike – Personally I think the extra wound makes this somewhat ok – if we had a way to somehow kill our own leader I’d love to build a crazy deck focusing on the wizard lady


(Small disclaimer that if there is more support for spell based decks this might be a thing but i suspect it will probably not be a thing please don’t be mad if it is a thing.)

Ravaging Advance

The Ravagers channel the spirit of aggro Varclav. Excellent round 1, possibly useless round 3. Thing is as an aggro warband round 3 is your happy place, so anything that gets you to that board state quicker feels like its worth a try at least. If all your fighters are in enemy territory fighting you’re probably in a pretty good position, what you don’t want is the danglebros stuck just out of charge range on your board because you were offset by some scummy control player.

I personally wouldn’t speak to any cretin who enjoyed that approach to the game. I would advance ravagingly upon them and then kick their teeth in.

mike – Any person playing the game in a way I don’t like is breaking the social contract, and I don’t like it when I lose

Oli – As another note this card lets you do a lot of desecration with your danglebros with some careful positioning. If your build needs to despoil, don’t sleep on this.


Ritual Desecration

Regal Vision re-appears for the Ravagers, with the bonus of a defecation desecration token. Inspiring any one of your fighters for an extra move is a nice bonus, getting extra dice, damage or defence on top of that makes the inspiration even better. Nine times out of ten you’ll want to inspire Khagra to get her up to two block and make targeting her a genuine risk for your opponents.

Getting a free desecration token is a bonus, and into some matchups that may be the token that allows you to inspire. I am still cautious about the longevity of desecration tokens, but I expect this card will see play just for the ability to inspire a friendly fighter.


Spurred on

The crucial thing about spurred on is you can play it on a fighter that has already made a move or charge action. Go hell for leather with Power Cragan, then Charge Khagra and yank him back across the board for some more support. Or in the final activation, chuck a danglebro into a prime squatting position on an objective and let him cheekily despoil an otherwise out of reach objective. This is essentially a free push as a reaction.

Does not help with Malevolent Exploits. Having a couple of good reactions is irritating.


Whispers of Chaos

I feel Zarshia (with the current card pool) exists purely to cast the incredible faction specific spells the Ravagers have access to. This card is Distraction + either Spere of Aqshy or Transfixing Stare.

ALL of those effects (ALL of them!!) have been restricted in some form or another in the past.

Just roll a focus.


Oli – Wait our rating system goes to 5 right? cus this is a 5. The fighters a bit squishy, but this spells is like a solid 6, its like the Power Rangers come together to make the ultimate Swiss Army card that just fucking does everything, at the low low cost that it a quarter of the time it fizzling.

mike – I’m with Oli on this, despite the weakness it inherently has via the target placed on your 3 wounds fighters back, there is no deck that I would build for the Ravagers that I wouldn’t take this in, the upside is utterly insane.

Wrack the Land

This card specifies and empty hex, so weirdly you cant actually be on the objective you want to desecrate because then that hex isn’t empty. You just have to sidle up next to objective two, fart in its general direction, and then run away laughing.

If you plan on running desecration dependent objectives or are hell bent on inspiring the warband then this card is a must. If desecrating a large number of objectives reliably turns out to be as difficult as it looks however, I expect most people will take Ritual Desecration and call it a day. If you aren’t inspiring or scoring glory from tokens then this is a wasted gambit slot that could have given you some movement, damage or been Slickrock.

Take Slickrock, Mike loves it.



Blasphemous Cuirass

Make your marauder a mini Nurgle! If you roll any number of shields in your defence roll reduce the damage by 1. Not a bad effect, but given pre inspire you only roll one dice this upgrade might get pushed out by the competition. The best case scenario for this card is it prevents you getting one shot, in which case I’d personally rather take an extra wound, and the game is rolling in those options at the minute.


Blazing Runeshield

If spells were a big thing, this card would protect one fighter against the warbands that use spells once it is equipped. Spells are not really a thing.

Even if they were a thing, Blazing Runeshield probably is not a thing, because you can’t guarantee you will matchup into spells.

Include this ONLY if you know your opponent is playing aggro Stormsire’s Cursebreakers. They’re an old warband people used to play when casting lots of spells was a thing.

mike – maybe we will get a spell later in this season which has the downside of dealing a damage to a friendly fighter, taking this from completely unplayable to just really bad? On the other hand it feels like they forgot magic exists in Direchasm so…



Bolstered by Hate

Great Fortitude. If you want to Voltron a specific fighter then wounds are essential. Make Khagra unkillable and then have her eliminate an enemy fighter every round. Equip her with a spear and some of the multitude of strength bonuses available to her (Great Strength, Savage Strength, Ruinous Might) and have her poke enemies to death instead.


Conquerors Cloak

You want to charge a long way, Conquerors Cloak lets you charge a long way. Use this card to make sure your fighters can charge a long way.

Oli – Not sure if you take this over Savage Speed to be honest, and I’m pretty sure you don’t take both?

mike – I feel like you take this over Savage Speed unless you want to be a hunter, some of your fighters inspire to 2 block which makes the downside of Savage Speed nasty


Desecrator Gauntlets

So if you plan on desecrating objectives, this card lets you reposition enemy fighters onto the objective before you cave their skulls in. In that regard I view this card as essentially in those trying to make the biggest mess on objectives as they possibly can.

Alternatively you can use this card to dip opponents in lethal hex sauce before you munch the rest of their wounds characteristic with your attack action. Not a bad tech card, but probably not going to see play in every deck. A lot of the time you’ll want extra dice or damage to be sure your attack can land.

mike – works nicely with the knockback on your leader, can help you position them into a slam dunk attack that pushes them into a lethal hex


Gifted Sorcerer

Allows Zarshia to hit her attack more accurately and to cast spells such as Storm of Foreboding (which is a bloody strong effect) more reliably. Currently I don’t think there is enough glory around spellcasting to base your deck on Zarshia, but if more ranged damage buffs, more spell based objectives and more enticing spells are released this may be an option. Some sort of control desecration, Lost Pages, Rising Power, Zarshia is in charge deck may be on the horizon.

Maybe not though.

Ah brb gonna try it, I wonder if Hunger goes in there too…


Grudging Defence

Being on guard is good, it stops you getting pushed over while you have a poo on objective two.

Its difficult to get to two defence dice with Ravagers though, so this will need to be combined with an inspired fighter, or one with Substance Siphon equipped.

Sometimes underwhelming, but situationally excellent.


Hellfire Sword

Right, I love this one.

2 damage is the threshold for attacks to become lethal. 2 damage on a ranged attack is rare, usually it requires a crit or some form of inspiration. This card just needs you to have a glory.

Park Khagra in the middle of a board of Grymwatch and watch her snipe ghouls off of objectives, desecrating every objective held by the victims of her fiery wrath. Or just give it to Razek so he can get a damn attack off if you were offset. This is an excellent card that synergises well with the warbands inspire mechanic and helps it pray even harder on horde warbands.

Even against tougher enemy fighters, range 3 allows you to attack an enemy from relative safety without charging, whittling them down into kill range and putting pressure on them to charge.

Burny sword of shooty fire gets a thumbs up.



Ruinous Might

Great Strength yes please hitty hitty Cragan do a Sh***y

mike – How sober were you when you wrote this?


Unearthly Charisma

This ones interesting.

Extra dice on an attack action as an upgrade is a pretty premier buff (see Strength of Terror). This upgrade can potentially give bonus dice to two fighters (sorry Zarshia). It does not however, give any bonuses to the fighter it is equipped to. When played around this card could potentially pump out more aggro bonuses than any other single upgrade. If you are forced to spread out however, this card becomes useless. If your leader dies this card becomes useless.

Its another card I want to try but I don’t really rate that highly. I love the idea of aura cards, objectively though its raw power level might not be enough to see consistent play.


Deck Builds

Oli – Tom made them – 100% would not recommend

I’m not saying I support going all in on Desecration, but if you want to go in on it this is where i would start. Include both helpful gambits, some ranged firepower and some push/teleport tech to put you on or next to the objectives you want to do the damage from. Some draw power helps you find those all important gambits to get the ball rolling. Multiple pushes help keep enemies away from your precious desecration tokens. The upgrades will help turn multiple fighters into fast moving damage dealing machines, rather than just tooling up one fighter to do all the heavy lifting.

mike – I think you want Restless Prize if you are desecrating, it can deny an opponent scoring or help you stay on a token for a cheeky despoil

This deck i think is a little more consistent, it focuses on finesse, outhinking your opponen…

I couldn’t get through that.

Charge. Charge some more. Buff your charge. Push people closer so you can charge. Upgrade your charges.


My only cheeky cards in here are Addicted to Power and Unearthly Charisma. You could run Fearsome Trappings instead of Unearthly Charisma, or run the Savage upgrades, Beast Trail, even Hunting Season and take Hunters Talisman. Basically i feel you want at least two accuracy upgrades, and this is the route I’ve gone down.

You could also add more wounds if you want to get super tanky, Scavenged armour + Deserved Confidence exist and can be subsituted in.

You could also pull out a spell, run pitiable death as a surge and unafraid in the end phase, it depends on how will you feel you can protect Zarshia.

Slaves to Aggro

That’s my rant over. I think this warband is an interesting take on slow moving aggro, they have unique disruption tools, some powerful cards and a wizard to set them apart from fiends other similar warbands. There are multiple playstyles that could work, but currently I think the runny runny hitty hitty works best.

Mikes gonna review the universal cards when he gets over the fact Mollog got another universal wound upgrade.

Let me know about your own…

Malevolent Exploits



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