Blogs and Podcasts

Katophrane Relic – a great blog by one of the best players we’ve had the opportunity to play against, with a keen insight on the game.

Can You Roll A Crit? – a blog from another of Warhammer Underworlds’ foremost players, providing a good view of the competitive scene across the country.

Claim the City Podcast – probably the best podcast resource for Warhammer Underworld, with some great discussions on a range of topics.

Deckbuilding Resources

Underworlds DB – a great fan site with a full listing of all cards (including relevant FAQs/errata), tournament decklists, and an excellent deckbuilder that even lets you draw practice hands.

Underworlds Deck – an alternative deckbuilding site.

Official Sites

Warhammer Underworlds – Games Workshop’s official Warhammer Underworlds site, with links to the latest FAQs, digital rulebook, and a variety of other resources.

Warhammer Community – the place to go for the latest news on Warhammer Underworlds and Games Workshop’s other games.