Mollog’s Mob: A Second Look

With the release of the warband boxes today we can see all the cards available to us. Mike is covering the neutral cards from both boxes, Tom is giving his updated impression on the Darkoath Barbarians and allegedly I am the best fit for Mollog because “You are the most trollish”. Humph, thanks semi-anonymous co-author.... Continue Reading →

Mollog’s Mob – First impressions and a Deck List

The first Warband Preview for the next pair of warbands has dropped and we have seen our first glimpse of the rules for Mollog and his squig collective. Mollog, the mountain, the myth, the legend. Seven wounds from the off means that this behemoth is not going to fall to a one hit K.O., and it... Continue Reading →

Nightvault Warband Review: Eyes of the Nine

The inevitable preamble This review is a rebuttal to the review published by Grand Clash winner and fellow blogger Jamie of Katophrane Relic fame. His deliberately controversial tiering of the warbands was designed to provoke debate within the community; in it he rates the Eyes of the Nine as being in the bottom tier, unable... Continue Reading →

Echoes of Glory

Steel City are were on the ball and reviewing all of the new content that is shaking up the Warhammer Underworlds meta, until I dropped the ball, kicked it under the sofa and failed to retrieve it for a couple of weeks. However, our resident Drizgit has been wielding his squig brand to motivate us... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Necromancy: Part 2

As promised, in my previous article, I have had some more games with my Sepulchral Guard. I have tweaked my deck slightly and am mostly happy with it for now. More testing may result in further modification, but a bigger change is likely to come from Nightvault. I managed to play three more games, bringing... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Necromancy: Part 1

Since the release of the models, I have considered the Sepulchral Guard the nicest in Shadespire Warhammer Underworlds. I assumed that with seven fighters they would be powerful and, combined with their beautiful sculpts, that they would be very popular. Time has shown that I was wrong, raw numbers of fighters does not make for... Continue Reading →

Harder, Better, Faster

In the margins of victory At its heart Shadespire is a competitive game; to achieve victory you must score more glory than your opponent. Most of your deck should be the made of core and passive objectives to enable you to do this. However, if you are looking for shadeglass then it is very possible... Continue Reading →

Sleep your way to victory

The importance of passive objectives Von Moltke once said, "No plan of operations extends with certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy's main strength"; normally parsed in English as "No plan survives contact with the enemy." This is as true in the Mirrored City as it is elsewhere. Eventually your warband of psychotic Blood... Continue Reading →

Good Games Epping Store Championship

I set off to the tournament with my pick for the most Shadespire song (The Clash - London Calling) playing in my headphones. My defensive Stormcast have a good record and should do me proud again. However, people will be expecting them and there are some strong cards in the Leader pack released today that... Continue Reading →

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