Musings on Running a Tournament – A Guest Article by Martin Collins

Michael and Freya have kindly given me the chance to witter away about the tournament I just ran at the Outpost in Steel City on Sunday 4th August 2019. I was originally hoping to play myself in the tournament but because we had odd numbers I dropped so that no one had to have a... Continue Reading →

A Grand Clash with Steel City – Day 2 of 2

My photoshop skills have now transcended the plane of mere mortals... (What the heck is this??? - Freya) Intro - Mike  This is part two of our mega grand clash article coverage from the July Warhammer World Grand Clash. If you haven't read part one then you really should, although fair warning its over 10,000... Continue Reading →

A Grand Clash with Steel City – Day 1 of 2

Steel City, assemble. Intro - Mike This is the first in a two part article detailing Steel City’s exploits at the recent Warhammer World Grand clash. The normal Steel City team is technically myself (Mike Carlin aka grand troll supreme), Tom Bond, Freya Milligan and a stray Hobbit that seems to have escaped to Australia.... Continue Reading →

Top Cards from the Leaders Expansion

Mike: The Steel City blog is just starting to get rolling with Tom B, vanadis and Hobbit all releasing articles, while I am still languishing around at the unpublished stage, like a hobo who has crashed a party and refuses to leave. But before I release any actual content I have managed to persuade the rest of the team to... Continue Reading →

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