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Ex-denizen of the Steel City, now living Down Under

Michael C

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Thirty something I.T. bod who plays far to many games. Still have an original boxed copy of Warcraft: Orcs vs Humans and have never really stopped. Generally prefer my games competitive, my music pretentious and my food meaty.

Steel City Team

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Steel City Shadespire is a place for a small group of Sheffield hobbyists to share their thoughts, opinions, strategies, and occasionally memes about Game’s Workshop’s Warhammer Underworlds competitive miniatures game. We hope that someone, somewhere, finds something at least slightly interesting in our ramblings.

Tom Bond

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Shadespire blogger with a love of aggro decks! I've been lucky enough to grab some shadeglass and get third place at the Grand Clash number 2! I still feel the need to swap cards in and out of my deck rather than blame my losses on my poor decision making. Dice for the Dice God!

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