Shade Glass Reforged

Opening Excuses Heads up - this is a pretty short article just giving a general update on blog stuff - with a small surprise at the end. I'm aware that this blog is becoming about as regular as Sepsimus’s bowl movements, so I’m going to take a couple of moments to let you all know... Continue Reading →

Lockdown in the Steel City

Disclaimer: I wrote this before the roadmap had been released. Apologies its not quite as topical. Government Mandated Update In a desperate bid to kick-start the economy, Rishi Sunak called our ‘offices’ directly last night, here is a short transcript of the call: “I would like to speak to the head of Steel City Underworlds.”... Continue Reading →

A Steel City Update

My photography skills seem to be becoming just as good as my photoshop ones. Words that come first There is another large UK grand clash about to happen, on Friday the 31st of May, which means most of my attention is focused on getting ready for that. So today's article is going to cover a miss-mash... Continue Reading →

Why Shadespire?

A question i see asked a lot, especially in online forums, is ‘Why should i play Shadespire?’ and that's a pretty important question, especially considering how much time and money you can invest into a hobby like this.   I have been playing Shadespire since almost the beginning and am absolutely loving it, my bias... Continue Reading →

Introducing Steel City Shadespire

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Shadespire player in possession of decent results must be in want of a blog." - Jane Austen, probably   So, given that all the best Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire ™ players seem to have blogs a few of us up here in Sheffield decided we'd have a go at... Continue Reading →

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