Cold and Calculated, a guide to winning with the Sepulchral Guard

Exposition My diabolical quest to win with every warband continued this weekend with the Sepulchral Guard being my tools of choice. I attended two separate tournaments, one at Wargames Emporium on the Saturday and another at Impact Wargaming on the Sunday. Through carefully considered play I managed to acquire the glass on Saturday but alas... Continue Reading →

Ironskullz Boyz: Scrag ‘Em Ladz

A popular staple of the Underworlds aggro scene, the Orruks have been struggling to carve out a niche in recent metas. I have a look at what the Orruks bring to the table, and go through a decklist to take advantage of these green go-getters!

Zarbags Gitz 2: Fungal Familiarity

Hello again and welcome to the second article detailing my misadventures with madcap marauders! Today I'll be diving into what I have learned about boards, the effect the infamous BAR list has had, and covering some top card picks to include in your Grot deck. I'm gonna finish with some of the match-up specific lessons i learned from my latest tournament escapade.

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