Objective Placement For Aggro Players an in Depth Guide

Editor's Intro In my desperate quest to continue putting content out for the blog I have somehow managed to wrangle a guest article from the winner of a recent 52 player online tournament, Steffen - Stevie Wunderspat - Beier. This article is a two part special, with the first half exploring advanced objective token placement... Continue Reading →

Lady Harrow’s Maiden Flight – A Steel City Tournament Report

The first hint that it wasn't me playing the Mournflight were the painted models... Guest Article Fun – mike bit This article was not written by one of the usual stable of Steel City authors, instead Andrew Wilson (friend of Mike) has stepped up to provide some content to our ravenous readers. It’s an old... Continue Reading →

Tabletop Scotland – A Grand Clash

Sneaky Intro On the 24th of August I attended the Grand Clash at Tabletop Scotland in Perth. I had spent quite some time preparing for this tournament and working on an extra devious deck with a gentleman known by the name of Madskullz to the community. Madskullz, with help from other members of the community,... Continue Reading →

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