January 2020 Warhammer World Grand Clash Metagame 3 – Beastgrave Warbands

(and Dreadfane too) For the final article in this series, we'll be looking at the most popular cards in the Beastgrave and Dreadfane warbands at the January 2020 Warhammer World Grand Clash (see part 1 for overall stats, and part 2 for the Nightvault warbands). With the exception of Ironsoul's Condemners, all of the newer... Continue Reading →

Hrothgorn’s Mantrappers

Thanks to discord user jibbi for assembling this meme image for me Intro Look I have a confession to make. I like big boi’s. There I said it. Up until now there hasn’t been a warband that I have loved more then Mollog the Mighty. It is incredibly satisfying to really drill down all the... Continue Reading →

Your FaRed!!!

In new ultra high resolution! Intro A new year brings a new update to the underworlds FaR list, and perhaps a welcome one to shake up the fairly engrained objective style meta that is currently ‘controlling’ (heh) the game. With noteworthy additions to both the Forsaken and Restricted sides it's pretty certain that the changes... Continue Reading →

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