The Universal Direchasm Core Set Cards – A Steel City Review

mike - This is what happens when you let me edit the cover image for a group article Opening Spiel - mike You lucky lucky sods. (Tom - Roughly translates to we're sorry this took so long) Not only are you reading the definitive review on all the universal cards contained within the Direchasm core... Continue Reading →

Myari’s Purifiers – Steel City Style

Intro Following in the wake of Tom Bonds sexual Slaanesh review, Steel City have our hot take on the other warband found in the Direchasm starting box, Myari’s Purifiers, written by the far superior troll in command. I have managed to crank out quite a few games with the shiny aelves and I think that... Continue Reading →

Warband Review: The Dread Pageant

I’m reviewing the warband featuring the Big Daddy Sexy Monster, and boy are they are a breath of fresh air. Their fighters have a range of profiles and uses, their cards facilitate multiple play styles. Their cow demon has a lobster claw. Let’s get HYPE!

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