Grand Clash 3 – The Ultimate Final Of Ultimate Destiny

Intro This is the last article detailing my recent(ish) grand clash adventures in October, if you haven’t done so yet I highly recommend reading parts 1 and 2 so that you have a clue what is going on. Like the last article this one is going to focus on a specific match, namely the final,... Continue Reading →

Grand Clash Adventures Part 2 – The Streets

Introduction Welcome back to my two(ahem three now) part article on my Grand Clash Grymwatch adventures. If you haven’t done so already then I highly recommend reading part 1 here. I had originally planned to go over both the final and semi final games in this article but it's taken quite a long time to... Continue Reading →

Tabletop Scotland – A Grand Clash

Sneaky Intro On the 24th of August I attended the Grand Clash at Tabletop Scotland in Perth. I had spent quite some time preparing for this tournament and working on an extra devious deck with a gentleman known by the name of Madskullz to the community. Madskullz, with help from other members of the community,... Continue Reading →

A Grand Clash with Steel City – Day 1 of 2

Steel City, assemble. Intro - Mike This is the first in a two part article detailing Steel City’s exploits at the recent Warhammer World Grand clash. The normal Steel City team is technically myself (Mike Carlin aka grand troll supreme), Tom Bond, Freya Milligan and a stray Hobbit that seems to have escaped to Australia.... Continue Reading →

A Steel City Update

My photography skills seem to be becoming just as good as my photoshop ones. Words that come first There is another large UK grand clash about to happen, on Friday the 31st of May, which means most of my attention is focused on getting ready for that. So today's article is going to cover a miss-mash... Continue Reading →

Troll Tomes Unleashed

At this rate of improvement with 'photoshop' I'll be editing covers of magazines come July. Intro This is part 2 in a set of articles detailing my plan to win the Warhammer Fest Grand Clash. Part 1 goes through the decks creation and evolution as I took it to various tournaments and the gradual changes the... Continue Reading →

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