Power Bound – A look at the new BAR list

Troll Tomes is dead, long live Troll Tomes! Intro Wow July has been a busy month for Warhammer Underworlds. We have had the first ever two day grand clash, a new and extremely powerful expansion released, an FAQ/ Errata update and not one but two updates to the BAR list. The amount of attention being... Continue Reading →

Updating the Midrange – Steel City’s Steelheart and Magore’s decks with the new cards and FAQ’s

My skills at creating images for the blog knows no bounds. Introduction One of the unfortunate realities of writing content for a game that changes as fast as Warhammer Underworlds is that your content ages quicker then a block of cheese left out in the sun. For this article I am going to update two... Continue Reading →

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